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quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2008


I am guilty of everything.

I have cultivated all evil that I rescue.

Nobody has fault of my unbalance.

It was myself who used to be weak, it was myself who has been conformming with weakness and forgetting that I am strong.

It is myself who gathers the odium, the sorrow, the hatred, the jealousy and, so, cultivate more disharmony.
It’s myself who insists to let disharmony to take place in me.
It’s myself who insists on seeing only mistakes anyone. It’s myself who insists on allowing the chaos and the revolt with the person living me.

It’s myself who insists on transffering my fault for those who already have their own guilt to pay.

It’s myself who do not have understanding. It’s myself who do not have seeing. It’s myself who do not know teaching. It’s myself who do not know to correct myself. It’s myself who do not know acceptting.

It’s myself who only know to transfer the uprising inside me to whom live with me.

That's me who does not help. That's me who does not understand. That’s me who just knows to blame.

I am guilty of EVERYTHING.
If I were not the guilty, I would not suffer.

I am a imperfect being.
That's me who only see imperfections.
Not me to see the imperfection of the person living me.
If I do not know understanding,if I do not know seeing, if I do not know teaching, who am I to collect and pointing?

I only have to see that I am guilty in my part that disharmony.
The other part is for those who live with me.
Only if I balance myself, I will have conditions to show with attitudes, and not with accusations.
I live in this world, because I was not a good thing.
I hurt because I am not a good thing.

I want to be good.
I want to be balanced.
And there is no one that prevents this, that’s myself the impediment of everything.

I want to be my best friend, and not have to charge anything from anyone.
I have only to change myself and to anyone else. I never let me take the arrogant and cheekiness ways of wanting to intrude on the intimate forum of who already has a court to readjust.

I ask forgiveness for my UNBALANCE.
I ask forgiveness, because I revolted once again,
and I will not revolt with the injustices that come to me, any longer, because there is not injustice, for those who already know themselves.
If I did not know myself, very well, I would go on acting as an unconscious. And I must learn to live with the unconscious.

Forgiveness I ask and forgiveness I want.
I know that I will only receive it, if I show that I have understood that nobody is guilty of the suffering of others. And until I get a SCAPEGOAT to be guilty of my suffering, more suffering will come.
So I evoke and ask for who has power to remember me, because I believe that I am nothing without help.

I want to vibrate
Simplicity and

I thank
and I thank the
which makes me
pay what I do not
remember, but I must.

Save the Gods,
References and Protectors,
what guard and
guiding my head.

Save THE RIGHT and
save THE LEFT of mine and of who lives with me.

Text of authorship
from the Books
For a better world
What beauty!

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