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quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2008


The suffering of the world is growing, but despite this, many insist with archaic values of this culture that only artificial losses has brought the Blue Planet, which seeks relief to the whole time, begging us to change our points of view contradictory, which maintain such a humanity to destroy each other on a constant. We have, yes, to open our hearts and minds, off-the institutions, which are many and contradictories, which have planted the discord among people. Extract, yes, each of which is uniting, delete what don’t unit. Enhancing the life and be indifferent to the matter, which is a transition, insignificant under the LIFE, which is eternal. Search know everything, without prejudice, it is mister to separate the chaff from wheat. There, yes, we will be a single because the TRUTH is one, represented by the laws that govern the natural world, because NATURE is ONE. How to meet it? Studying the culture of it,RATIONAL CULTURE. Off the intitutions meaning: to respect them as a means, not as a end, not being ortodoxes of anyone, any since none is better than the other and all are necessary for the stoning of humanity. To choose one is to reject the others ... And we are in time of UNION and not of disunity!

That’s beauty!

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