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segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2009

BASE AND LOGIC (Rational is a Universal Being)

Among the many aspects of life, stand out as most important: life, death and changes from one life to another life.
And there is a fundamental understanding we have gained the knowledge that is given by Rational Culture, which is the following: Rational is one thing.
Learned that everything is rational and is, in these two levels:
• Rational pure, clean and perfect in the Rational World,
• And Background twisted in the World of Foreign Rational World. In this case the degree of deformation corresponding to each Plan of Twisted Existence.

So that Rational is one!
But, having left the rational world, was that came to constitute a Rational shaped to be deformed and in a state of being degenerate.
And in this plan more than the existence, already very weak and polluted by the changes, and one thing only, Rational, which has ever come to becoming one body to another matter. So, every human being is always the same rational being, which is becoming continuous, being born and dying, being born and dying, thus creating the world deformed. This birth and death of every being and is a humanity.
And the lack of "why life is so," made us develop a disorganized way of living (in the guise of organized, like a crib enchanted) was what made us to live artificially.
And the point that this world, already deformed from its root introductory became, and deformed, artificial.
Nothing was suddenly was with the changes. And for eons, we are in Phase evolutionary changes in Rational Animal. We came in making only within the same class, finishing a body and turning into another, always in the same class, cutting, always to improve the class. And each of us is always the same Rational born here, the shape of a Rational Animal Race, taking the form of eternity that each came through, step by step to this strain. This is a rich subject for study within the Cultural Background Knowledge: Know the ancestor, the past, present, post-present and the future of humanity coming from our origins to our ultimate goal.
The ultimate goal: the return of all to the world of the Eternals, the rational world, where we came (= base) and where we have to go back (= logic), because that's where we are. Hence we are not.
And for that, mankind lived a "Stage Monster," with the changes, passed to the "class of savages."
With the changes, went to the classes "uneducated civilized." And after many other changes, went to the class of "civilized educated." Always within the same class of animal origin Rational, this is deformed as the Rational Animal. Always being cut through all that existed and still exists, as a formula for evolution the class.
And after a polished, refined, polished satisfactorily, then and there, ready to be recovered in Phase Rational.
That this phase begins with the development of reasoning.
So now is the primary period, the most primitive stage of Rational. From the beginning to the middle, all being connected, connected, equipped by the Rational Culture.
This is the goal of the Culture of Rational Immunization: is to connect every human being to the rational world. And there receive all the guidelines of our brothers, the inhabitants of the Eternal World, for our balance while we are still here in this World of Foreign Affairs.
The Human Being, in other early stages, everyone seemed untamable beasts.
He has had past generations that his living body lasted for centuries: 8, 7, 6. And with the degeneration, these durations of bodies of life came less and less, until today, very few reach the 1st century in duration, despite all attempts of scientific technology, to experience this part of degeneration.
In all these phases, the reasoning has never worked, worked only thought, which had been developed to make this appearance of thinking.
But what is Rational has looks, what it is. And what is not. And the thought is not the origin, where the reasoning originated. The thought is the ground, is on the ground. And the reasoning goes up, up. There is the rational solution of life, the hegemony of life given by Disenchantment. Each one in its place, each in his corner.
And the class of rational animal, now becoming, the progress of degeneration, for their extinction. All being class Rational Animal freethinker, suffering and death, lost the right to live in this class.
Can you clearly notice that the abuse of natural nature, revolted against its inhabitants, still wrapped in the framework of unconsciousness overcome stage, the stage of thought.
And those who are ill: tornado, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, floods kill countless curable and incurable diseases, etc. dead heat., Apart from the suffering caused by the weakening of thought, which prevents the thinker (Rational animal) of find a satisfactory solution of their problems, their business and their life. .
But after humans reached the stage of immunization for the advancement of Rational
Culture Rationalization of Peoples, the reasoning is fully developed by this culture of Balance Integral Culture Background.
Then will bring all the glory for those who reach the rational. At this stage the reasoning functions normally, similar to a thought, but with superiority, by being the very origin of Rational person. Everything here spoken of the solution set and definitive life, it's only brush my people!
Only faint notions of interpretation on our part giving you a little bit of valuable content in this great and constructive work Cultural Background.
Constructively to promote the return of all to the source, which is one, the RATIONAL WORLD - this is the base.
Great, because the back does not exclude anyone, because all belong to the base, the only ONE, that's the logic.
Let us return to base, because that is the logic of life, reading and rereading, studying and re-studied Universe Disenchantment!

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