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segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2009


Dr. Louise L. Hay, North American psychologist, in a study on the cause of a number of diseases, says that we are responsible for 100% of everything bad that happens in our body. Takes the view the disease developed in humans are deleterious consequences of feelings of our minds. "All diseases have their origin in a state of" non-forgiveness, "says the psychologist. "Whenever we need to find patients who need to forgive." When we're stuck at a certain point, it means that we need to forgive more. Grief, sadness, anger and revenge are feelings that came from an area where there was no forgiveness. Forgiveness dissolves resentment.
Observe the general framework of the world: widespread violence and growing at the same time, diseases, increasingly bizarre, also growing.
The violence is, above all, a reaction of non-acceptance of something that happens to us directly or indirectly.
The non-acceptance, in turn, is the lack of understanding of the true cause and reason for what happened, lack of understanding that leaves us unable to act positively for the cause, and not against the cause.
However, nature is one and we are part of it.
When we act against any of it, when we use language "v", she understands that this is the language we choose to worship, responding in harmony with it, thus also acting "against" us.
This is punishment? There is a natural reaction of nature, respect our free will.
Who wants flowers, take flowers. Whoever gall, takes gall. Very simple.
And being the world of veterans ages, where we have been born and dying, being born and dying, we are reaping in this life now, everything we planted in previous years.
Hence the importance of knowing our true origin and the world we live in, to have true understanding of the causes that gave a result of this unbalanced world we live in, to accept without any revolt, the situations of suffering that we ourselves have imposed, the absolute lack MOTHER NATURE.
When we put order in all our grievances, we acquire by rational consciousness that we are the ones to blame for everything, assuming an attitude of non-violence in all of the components of this great Mother who is Nature, She, Mother Nature, the answer we will be in the same language "NON-VIOLENCE."
And so the end result will be disease, the natural evils of nature and all kinds of suffering, because at this point, our thinking is already mature and converge, of course, under the auspices of Mother Nature, for apex REASONING.
REASONING, will be the answer, the prize of Mother Nature for their children who fail to cultivate the grievances to cultivate devotion to himself, because we are all deformed natural and we have no right to judge, criticize or condemn anyone or anything some of this great nature, because we are all wrong, because we are materialized.
Not to say that we applaud the evil, no! Only in silence for him and him get away, because the evil itself is destroyed. Get away without resentment, therefore no sense in relation to evil, binds us to it.
The best performance in relation to evil is the indifference!
It seems difficult, but it is not. Just get that, increasingly, it is easier to become indifferent to evil instead of contemplating it.
The Natural Knowledge of Nature, RATIONAL, everyone has all the necessary requirements for learning to include only the good and the good always, always cultivating the flower that is: love, joy, understanding, calm, simplicity, patience, persistence and in obedience to the good, well-done and tolerance - THINKING!


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