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quinta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2009


The Nature is just.
Each one gathers what each one planted.
A few they plant honey, gather honey.
Others plant bile, gather bile.
The good ones recognize that. The bad ones, no.
And it is therefore that there is the envy. What is of the bad ones.
The bad thing wants to gather the GOOD without having planted and hates the one who planted the GOOD and gathered it.
There, the envy is born and one wants to destroy the other who has planted.
Completely that, because of not knowing. Because if one knew he would know that the GOOD is within reach of all, because they all are God's children: God wants well to all his children.
But, the bad thing does not recognize rights, wants to gather without having planted, because it, in fact, considers itself better than all, he considers himself an owner of the world and deserving of everything without having done where: it is vain, is bad for you himself .
One does not see, do not see that his body of matter is a decay, depending on the Nature, on everything and on all to be able to live! But, in any case, a great thing is still found!
The humility in the bad one is null. And completely that for lack of Rational development.
Want to be more than the Nature, when she was pressing it a few so many people and to others so many people not, putting in doubt the judgement of the Nature, on whom it depends in everything to live!
Those and those so, they are you are mean, stuck to the matter, thinking that everything must live around them and only for them.
They are mediocre. And they suffer the consequence of his mediocrities.
That these consequences are the sufferings, the every time bigger lapidations imposed by the Nature, like punishment of this and of this.
The Nature is good too much, already do not dig it it would have given up all these people!
And on trial of his kindness it is the RATIONAL CULTURE, his natural culture, which gave to us like last present, to take us of this abyss of matter and in reconducting to our true natural state of Rational one.
Let's hug this Savior Culture, Divine, while it is time, only able to transform the bad thing in good, because the time is little for the development of the reasoning.
And the phase of the thought ended already from 1935.
When all they hug really this Culture, be no that you envy. They will understand that each one needs a different time to reach for what it longs, but what they all will bring near there, because at the front of all, in this new phase of the Nature, the Rational Phase, of the Development of the Reasoning, is the Truthful God, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.
And more than the Truthful God, nobody!
So, the time is good for whom it can wait.
Let's try to read and to reread, to study and to re-study the Books Universe in Disillusion.
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