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sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2009


End of year.
And all of us sending our best whishes to our friends, relatives etc.
This old novel.
The take into account all the wishes and votes fruitful, ancient, health, peace, joy, brotherhood and harmony, if they had strength, my God ... the world would be a masterpiece of wonders!
Are our desires bad? No.
And why do they not materialize? Yes… as the world is coming from bad to worse. In instead of these wishes come true, the reality is seen, universally, is quite the opposite.
We have to admit that there is something wrong!
Whatever happened is that words do not build the world and, yes, actions.
Positive actions, positive life.
Negative actions, negative life.
And to take into account the general suffering in the world, easy to conclude that the actions taken by us in it, in the majority, are far from being positive.
Because they are actions based on completely artificial culture, which values only the appearances. And appearances are not true.
We are all out of our true nature, that is the question!
The natural of the fish is in water. Outside the water the fish suffers. If it persists, dies.
Our nature is of Rational and not of animal.
Let us know what is animal and what is to be rational, to stop being PET and to start to be rational.
Here, then, we will know us, to know our true natural state, knowing where we came from, how we came, to where and how we are going to.
So, we'll live naturally and not artificially. We will know what is the life, the value of life and how to live in harmony with life.
Therefore, all our wishes will be really positive and achieve will be because it will be based on Rational action of not to do to the others what you do not want for yourself.
It is time to stop dreaming. It is time of stop living under the aegis childish hopes, fantasies and illusions.
It is time of meting ourselves in Rational Culture, the Culture of the Development of Reasoning, because the phase of thought is over, since 1935. And so, with the thought, nobody solves anything, as long is not resolved. And the evidences are there: the suffering, the tragic deaths, the despairs, the crimes.
Wake up while there is still time to exchange the end of year for a beginning of life!
(Universe in Disenchantment, phone 51 31 2555-0054, among others).

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