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domingo, 4 de julho de 2010


The delay of the world is too great! Irrationality is the dominant system for millions of millennia, taking proportions now, in this phase of the Third Millennium, of a real liquidation. One must be careful! We must be vigilant!
The fundamental characteristic of the irrational system is the outside domain (INVISIBLE) emphasizing and valuing the individual over the general, going against the natural laws of Rational Nature.
But for sheer lack of true knowledge of life, they confuse irrational with rational. They confuse concrete thinking with the REASONING.
That what the great scientists and philosophers have thought that is the reasoning, nothing more, nothing less is than the concrete thinking, an irrational being to polishing the humanity. And this irrational being, the concrete thinking, when he reaches his highest degree of development, he also reaches his highest degree of betrayal, vanity, ambition, greed, envy, and finally of all ruins, which are components of thought, and in this highest degree they are covered up by a makeup so perfect, so full of illusions and fantasies that cheat, which are hardly noticed, except by those who already know what is truly RATIONAL.
Mankind, in their overwhelming majority, does not know what is rational because mankind has always been under the umbrella of irrationally. But could not have even known before, because the RATIONAL PHASE had not arrived. We were being prepared by the thought and imagination, which are unconscious beings (invisible beings). We were being prepared by stoning, for that, through suffering, lose the illusion for matter, disenchanting us of matter, for then we open ourselves to know, understand, comprehend, accept and, then, to link us to our true home, which is not material, it is rational.
RATIONAL is purity, cleanliness, perfection, free of all domains: material and spiritual. RATIONAL is omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. Concluding, is the origin, RATIONAL is true God, who is PEACE, LOVE AND BROTHERHOOD, is RATIONAL, SUPERIOR RATIONAL.
But to reach the origin is necessary to know all of the material field, the spiritual field and the conscious mediator field, for then be prepared to connect to our true origin without confusions between the weeds and wheat. All steps are very important!
We had the 1st millennium to develop ourselves within the material field. We had the 2nd millennium to develop ourselves spiritually. We were respectively governed by the magnetic and electrical energy in the first and in the second millennium.
Now in this 3rd millennium we are being prepared, under the government of the RATIONAL ENERGY, to connect ourselves to the Energy of ASTRAL SUPERIOR (Conscious Mediator) which leads us to our origin of RATIONAL, through the development of reasoning (Pineal Gland).
See the importance of not confusing the concrete thinking with the reasoning and with the RATIONAL. The concrete thought is the opposite of the reasoning, the opposite of the rational. The concrete thought is pure evil, has no commitment whatsoever with our evolution to our origin. The mission of concrete thinking is to lapidate and to destroy the thinkers. But, for lack of knowledge, many thinkers have the courage to say that they are reasoning, that they are rational! They are rational, yes, because the origin of all and of everyone is rational, however, they are Rational asleep, not developed, yet. It is a great disrespect to commit, attributing to the reasoning all the disorder of the world, which is the fruit of the thought and of the imagination, not of the reasoning. The delay by the lack of true knowledge is that it gives rise to confusion as these primaries!
The concrete thinking, that they wrongly call of reasoning, he has been the responsible for all these inventions which have led humanity to the artificial disasters that are disasters, for example, caused for airplanes, atomic bombs, all types of arms and this current disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and, if we go on giving examples, we can't stopping!!!!...
How can they call of REASONING irrationalities so blatant and unquestionable?
If the world has come to this miserable, unbearable and horrible situation, it was because humanity did not know exactly what is to be rational, because it was not the time to know. But now it is.
Enough of bias, enough of vanity, let us admit that the knowledge we have developed by the concrete thinking is the witchery that now turns against the witch.
Let's be mature, responsible and serious: let's do research, with humility and gratitude, in the Rational Books, the Books of phase in effect, the Rational Phase, of the Development of the Reasoning, the books dictated by the True God, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, in the greater simplicity for understanding everyone, big shots and ordinary people, because for the True God there is no better or worse, everyone is son or daughter!
Embrace as sooner as possible the RATIONAL CULTURE in your lives, then, you will be embracing the true God, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, who is the only one who has power to end this desperate situation of suffering through which pass all who have not yet embraced HIM, because they are living unknown of themselves.
And to know yourself in order to live well, just studying the Tabernacle of Truth of Truths, Universe in Disenchantment, which is not religion nor sect nor doctrine, nor philosophy, nor science here from Earth, because these things are inventions of our thought and of our imagination to lapidate ourselves. In the RATIONAL WORLD there is not these cultural segments, because everything there is perfect balance, purity, cleanliness, that is why reigns the eternity there. And Rational culture is the culture that the pure, clean and perfect beings have and use to govern themselves. And because they are pure, clean and perfect, they don't need religions, sects, doctrines, philosophies and sciences. Where have you heard about that perfect beings (eternal and pure) need such things?! Just right on the head of an inveterate thinker who knows nothing about himself and the true nature, to accept such an absurdity.
Religion, sect, philosophy, doctrine, science and all segments of the culture of the Earth were and still are accurate and necessary to lapidate the rudeness, the backwardness and brutality of the Rational animal, who are in this condition (materialized) for missing the true knowledge, for lack of knowledge of the true culture of where they originate and to where all, wanting or not, admitting or not, they will return.
Going back through the door from above, by admitting, accepting and putting into practice the RATIONAL CULTURE, or through the down door, admitting no RATIONAL CULTURE, transforming themselves within the category where we all are of Rational beast, covering all infinities of classes of the category of Rational beast, always lower classes, until to become extinct like beasts, and so getting return to the true origin. This will last for seven eternities. Because the will is free!
So, be careful when you talk about Rational or about the reasoning. They are blessed words, which concern the sacred areas of true God, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, and not, of the domains of the thinkers, sufferers. For this reason, these words should in no way be pronounced without the proper knowledge and RESPECT. If you do not know these words deeply, better shut up, for not give to yourself a place of a rude and ill-informed, making a ridiculous to the eyes of WHO EVERYTHING KNOWS AND SEE, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL.
Take a peek in the light of world events and you will come to the conclusion that everything that was said in this text is the truth, because this text was written based on rational knowledge, dictated by the True God, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.
You doubt that HE is the TRUE GOD? Well, I recommend you to take evidence and start to examine thoroughly his Work, Universe in Disenchantment. Impugn something without knowing is an irrational way. And you certainly are not this way, aren't you?
Go steady, opening the book of the True God!
Save, HEALTH and PEACE for all!

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