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quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010


The appearances are not true. But they came, through long ages, engulfing those who just want to see the appearances, but do not want to see the reality.
Who sees a successful professional, but can’t see when the character of the professional is swallowed by the success.
Who sees a shrewd politician, but can’t see that point where the astuteness of the politician swallows his ethics.
Who sees the industrial progress, but does not see the point where it destroys the health and peace of mankind.
Who sees the technological evolution, but does not see the point when it makes us more babbit and lazy.
Who sees all modern conveniences, but has no eyes to see how much they have alienated us from nature.
Who sees the evolution of thought, but does not realize that the thought was not done by Nature to do right.
Who sees the all kinds of misery growing all over the world, but does not see himself as part of it.
Who sees that the world needs to change for the better, but is not able to understand that this change must start in himself.
Who sees this whole wide world keeping us, but is not interested in knowing the reason for such maintenance.
Who sees that everything has a cause and origin, but doesn't seek for them.
And so, if we go on speaking about the many blind spots that exist, we go far!
These are the true blind, the blind of opened eyes, who are responsible for all atrocities and monstrosities which the blindness of the "NOT TO BE" keeps producing.
Keeps producing individually.
And just individually, this collective and massive evil can be fought and exterminated.
Let's seek to know ourselves to cure our blindness.
This is only possible by the development of the reasoning (Pineal Gland), our "I" of true, RATIONAL, in the Books Universe in Disenchantment, of Rational Culture, an extraterrestrial culture, of our True World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.
Save, HEALTH and PEACE for all!
Phone 51 31 2555-0054, among others.

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