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sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012


Those who are unaware of everything suffer.
The unaware people are those who, eventhough they have knowledge of everything that is right and wrong, they act in total ignorance that the Universe is the agent of what one is.
As the agent of everything that the person is, the Universe will return to the person the impetus of his or her unconscious mind or what this person really holds within.
If there is true Rational consciousness, there will be no exclusion of what is good: the disenchantment.
However, if the consciousness is false, the animal consciousness, then there will be exclusion of everything that is good: enchantment (surrounds what is fragmentary – never the unity).
And those who exclude everything and everyone is ungrateful because they cannot acknowledge the universe as the agent of everything the person is.
The ungrateful person gets only ungratefulness from the universe.
The ungratefulness is what makes us suffer.
Therefore, those who suffer is because they live unaware of everything. They do not give credit to anybody, but to themselves.
It is all the essence of the Universal, the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent – the Rational. In order to leave the realms of Ignorance, it is necessary to know what Life is and who is the owner of all Lives: Nature and all of her subtle dimensions.
In order to know, one has to feel, because the true comprehension and consequent Rationalization of what is supposed to be can only be found in the Feeling: PRACTICE and not only KNOWLEDGE.
Rationalization: to know the World of your Race and how you can go back to it through the development of the Reasoning. You should know all the books of Universe in Disenchantment and try to put it into practice.

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Sissym disse...

The world may conspire for or against, but if this happens is because happening from of us as much thought as the action.

Nágea, nice comment left on my blog! Wow .... I loved it, I read and reread. Thank you!