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quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012


(Severino dos Reis)
For Man today, used to the comfort of technology, and who is confident in the human super intelligence (which surprises the world with enthusiastic discoveries every now and then in all segments of Sciences), it is incomprehensible the fact that Nature stopped with the Ruling of the Thought in 1935 to start with the development of the Reasoning.
Then everyone believes they are still thinking and with a good reason, for the Civilization never taught the exact definition of what Thought, Imagination and Reasoning really are.
They had always gotten mixed up, reduced to the same thing, but differing only in terms of argumentation levels.
Thus the Thought assumed the status of the Reasoning because it is founded on a better evolved argumentation.
However it is not our intention here to raise the conventional aspects of the Thought and the Reasoning. We are going to refer to it in light of Man's creation, respecting their real functions, time and purposes.
Imagination is a region located on the left side of the brain, which initiated its development a long time before prehistory with the impetus of the magnetic Energy to create the movement, the senses and the vision.
The Thought, on the other hand, is the right side region of the brain, which is responsible for the development of Civilization and resulted from the impetus of the electric Energy to develop the speech and the intelligence.
And the Reasoning is a region located in the center of the brain, at the basis of the mid-brain, which started its development from October 4th , 1935, setting the beginning of the Rational Phase through the Rational Energy, which emanates from the reading of the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, which holds the Didactic system of the Rational Culture.
However we are still thinking in an unbalanced way without any quality at all. Until 1935, Nature monitored Man's thoughts dosing the intake of the electric and magnetic Energies because it was the Phase of Thought.
Nevertheless, in 1935 the Rational Phase started governing Nature: Nature stop with the ruling of the Thought to attain the Reasoning.
After 1935, the Rational phase started and Nature shifted the ruling of Human Kind from Thought to Reasoning.
The Thought kept on going on its own, unleashing an uncontrolled development in Everything: Philosophy, Sciences, Ethics and so on and so forth; this event produced all kinds of problems we see happening today all over the World.
That is the so called “Paralysis of the Thought”: it is the thought working, creating things without the quality supervision of Nature.
If human kind does not take any action right now and starts knowing itself through the Rational Culture, and reunites with Nature in order to develop the Reasoning, we will go down the Drain in the destruction of the life conditions in our Planet.
The Thought is something of the past in Nature, whereas the Reasoning is something new and nobody really knows of it. Nature has changed, and we need to follow her Regency.
Nature has shifted to a new phase, and the gap left between the old and new phase has been causing all kinds of human and natural imbalances.
One gets the impression that Man is trying to destroy Nature and Nature, Man.
It is important to understand that everything that was created in the Universe has its own purposes. Everything effects on our Existence and conspires to the coming back of Life to its origin – the natural, the Rational World.
Nevertheless, in order to go back to the natural state we had to go hand in hand with our natural development. It is impossible for a mother to teach everything at once to her offspring. An infant learns as it grows, and only after reaching a certain age, it is ready to receive all the Knowledge that there is in its surroundings.
It is the mother who teaches the human kind, it is Nature. For this reason we need to remain united with her to reach the highest human desire, which is the Light of Wisdom, the Knowledge of the Eternal World (or other Worlds).
Although Nature condemned the Fishes to the abyss deep down the Oceans to live in complete darkness, but gifted them with the power to produce light, we (human beings) were, likewise, condemned to live in the terrestrial World without any access to the worlds that exist high above; however Nature gifted us, like the Fishes, with a light spark of Rational Energy, which is the true human potential in all senses – the Pineal Gland, the Organ of the Reasoning.
Once this Organ comes into function, it will attain all the Knowledge about the World, such as the past, the present and the future. Everyone will have access to everything that cannot be reached by the Sight.
All physical and psychic limitations will be compensated. All obstacles will be overcome. It is the Infinite Light that goes beyond Life in the Cosmos. It is the true face of the Reasoning. In the Rational Culture, you will know about the true function of the Pineal Gland and the most important of all, how to set it in motion for your evolution and realization.

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