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terça-feira, 10 de abril de 2012



(Cláudio Sampaio)

Dr. Berrend Fox, doctor in Physiology and Naturalopathy, has proved through blood examination that some people have really developed new sequences of DNA. Their researches have provided evidences of changes in the DNA and the cells. It follows below part of the interview made by Patricia Research with Dr. Fox, where he explains the evolutionary process, through which human kind is passing, that relates to the changes in the DNA.

P.R: Berrend, tell us a little bit about your experiences.
B.F: I am a doctor in physiology and Natualopathy. During my training in Europe, I was also involved with the Media, giving consulting on Films. As you know, I have been working for Fox Television, so that I can also provide some information concerning the Extra Terrestrials, and what is role they are playing in this new scenario of these days. The program that has received my consulting are “Sightings” and “The X Files”.

P.R: What are the changes taking place today in our Planet, and how have they affected our bodies?

B.F: There are great changes going on, these mutations haven't happened since the days when we left the water, according to the Geneticists. Some years before in the City of Mexico, there was a world congress for Geneticists from the four corners, where the major topic was “changes in the DNA”. We are surely going through evolutionary changes, although we don't exactly know in what we will turn ourselves into.

P.R: How is our DNA changing?

B.F: All people have a double stray of DNA. What we have discovered is that there are other strays which have been formed. In the double strays there are two sequences of DNA that stretch out in spiral. My understanding is that we will develop twelve strays. During this time, which has probably started for 20 or 5 years now, we have been suffering some sort of mutation in our species that is still unknown to scientists. The changes haven't been publicized yet, because the scientific community believe it would make the population uneasy. Anyway, people are changing at a cellular level. I've been working with three kids lately that possess the triple strayed DNA. The majority of people know and feel this, and many religions have been reporting this. We are sure that it is something positive despite the emotions and uneasiness it may unleash among people who are not well informed about it.

P.R: Have these kids shown any different features from the other kids?
B.F: These kids can move objects through the room, fill in glasses with water by just looking at them. They are telepathic. You can consider them as angels or super humans but they are not. I believe they are what we are very likely to become a few years from now.

P.R: Do you believe this will happen to all of us?

B.R. It seems that people who were born before the 1940's are not capable of these changes; nevertheless it is clear they have delegated something for the forthcoming generation, providing them with the capacity of bringing out the formation of another stray during their life-time. Our immunologic and endocrine system are the actual evidences to these changes. This is the reason why my researches are entering the fields of Immunology and Therapy. Other adults I have examined have displayed this third stray. They are going through deep changes in their consciousness and physical bodies because these two things are ultimately just one. In my opinion the Earth and everyone, who lives here, are having their vibrations sped up. Many children that have been born lately have their bodies magnetically brighter. In our case, we would have to go through drastic physical alterations, if we chose to change.

P.R: What causes changes in the bodies of the new infants that were born with two sequences of normal DNA?

B.F: The simplest way to cause mutation in our DNA is through the virus. The virus are not necessarily evil. The virus dwells in our living tissues. Virus of DNA such as the Epstein, Barr and Herpes at 6 alter the cellular structure. The retro virus HIV is not a virus of the DNA. It devours the body instead of altering it. The majority of the people who pass through this process tend to chose a new career, acquire a new way of thinking, or at least, starts with a new life. They might feel tired, hopeless, and so on; however these are just the sighs of a new gift. Actually they were given the chance to change genetically, and in the process they become more apt to live in the next generation. The angels that have been seen are attesting to the fact that we have been changing, and this will probably follow through the year 2012.

P.R: What other changes can be expected?

B.F: There won't be diseases, we don't need to die. We will be able to learn our lessons not through the suffering, but through love and pleasure. The ancient system fell down and this will happen without a great battle. Now, then, you have two wars and several form of medicine in search of the cure, however they are not making any difference at all. Several ancient paradigms cannot survive in this new world, although they are fighting to stay on. It is clear that we are living in a different world. Those who chose to be here are precursors of a new species. It is, by the way, human, despite the fact that we are manifesting it on Earth. We have been receiving extra aid from the masters, these extraterrestrial beings, angelic beings; they are entering our intimacy and calling our attention to that silent voice from the interior – which we will be able to hear once we get in tune with the changes that are taking place.

P.R: Can you name some of the side effect to these changes?
B.F: Cellular alterations give you the impression not to be present at times. You can feel tired, exhausted, because we are literally going through changes. We are becoming new beings. As a baby one needs a lot of rest. It might also occur symptoms of mental confusion and lack of concentration in daily tasks, since we have been programmed for something bigger. There will pain and suffering in the body for which there is no specific cause. Many of these people will think they are going crazy, and will try to look for help in the conventional medicine, it is very possible this person will be medicated with Prozac, because they cannot diagnose what is really happening to them. The doctors don't know how to deal with energetic ailments. As symptoms which are related to our endocrine system, women will pass through hormone changes. Many women will head for menopause earlier than usual, because of the speeding process. Men will feel more frustrated with exhaustion since they are more active by nature, feeling their feminine side come to the surface, which is the intuitive side. The emotional therapy has been largely diffused over the last 20 to 30 years. We are going through a process of change which in human terms would take thousands of years to happen.

P.R: How would you treat somebody going through these changes?

B.F: I approach the problem individually instead of treating some kind of unknown disease. “Doctor” in Latin means educator. The only work you can perform as a healer is to serve as a Tool to show what is really happening, and demonstrate to the patient that he or she can deal in a realistic way with the problem; the patient is instructed to pursue the positive aspects of his or her problems and get rid of the negative symptoms. First of all, I will request an immunologic test which should be supervised by a specialized commission in the laboratory. Then, I will inform the patient. I will explain to him a chart of his changes and of what is going on in his body, and always emphasizing the fact that I am not a healer but a Tool that will help him or her in the process of recuperation. The key is to put the person in charge, and he or she will do the rest. I use unconventional methods with several organic therapies, which are a kind of glandular treatment from Europe, so that it is possible to tackle the DNA changes. I also recourse to homeopathy to treat the energetic body; other methods involve the use of vitamins, herbs and therapy at cold laser. The therapy depend entirely on the individual needs. I follow the advice of brothers from other solar systems from where we all came from.

P.R: How do you foresee the changes in your work?

B.F: I see my work as a bridge. It is both scientific and artistic. Healing cannot be used in just one point of view. I do not believe that I alone can do that, for most people bring the solution in themselves. We can only eliminate the diseases by collaborating with each other.

Text conceded by dr. Jane Melo colaborating with the RATIONAL PHASE and confirming the words of the superior RATIONAL IN R

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