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terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2014


We all came from a world of pure energy.
All about it one finds in the books Universe in Disenchantment, a knowledge of return to the place of origin, dictated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, Entity of the RATIONAL PLAIN, the world from where we came. In these books is the beginning and the end of the world: THE SALVATION OF EVERYONE!
The true light of the Rational animal is the light from the world of his origin, the RATIONAL LIGHT from RATIONAL WORLD.
The human being is the most monstrous parasite there exists upon the Earth, in view of the hideous crimes that he practices against the natural laws.
Man is a vague beast without destiny who was born upon this Earth without knowing why or what for.
In this Literary Work, Universe in Disenchantment, we will know the reason why.
Knowledge of return to the place of origin of everyone, the RATIONAL PLAIN, OUR World of Origin, from where all came and to where all are going, how all came and how all are going.
The salvation of the Rational animal can only be done by the world of his origin, the RATIONAL WORLD and nobody else.
This is the discovery of the two words: the electric and magnetic which we inhabit ant that of the RATIONAL PLAIN from where we came out and which gave consequence to this one that we live in.
With the assiduous reading of this knowledge, one acquires the Rational Clairvoyance and the living creature will see the RATIONAL PLAIN, the place of origin of everyone.

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