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domingo, 21 de setembro de 2014


Salut, everyone!
Rational means immaculate, without obstacles, no hampering, connected with everything and everyone, without any distinctions pretences or prejudice, knowing everything with logic and basis, awareof everything, plain, pleased and balanced without material ambition,free, loose and light, owning the true peace, the true love and fraternityin the eternal universal concord – bottom line, the owner of the real wisdom.

Thus Rational is what everybody aims in life!

The Rational pathway is the way that will lead us to the RATIONAL!

The way where all the collected flowers from all terrestrial wisdoms are put together to make a bouquet of elevated candor and simplicity; coming from GOD the light that will shed over them through goodness and patience of those who never flinched in waiting for it.

This is when the person will, very gradually, change from rational animal to true Rational, after having gone the pathway of life as a legitimate son of GOD, spreading peace, love and universal concord and fraternity. 

The person will be illuminated, day and night, night and day, in constant contact with his true world from where he once left to build up this world of pain, tears, agony and suffering – a world of apparent wisdom.

Be sure of all that by reading the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS to becomean eternal winner.

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