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quinta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2014


Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)

The will may be true or good, as it can be illusory or bad. It actuates in all levels of the hierarchy, from the highest to the lowest, for all have the faculty of the free option of choice. It is a gift that is expressed from the inner soul to the outside and not the contrary.
The descending of the pure, clean and perfect beings to the world of matter was caused by the bad use of the will, the illusory will, when they entered a part of the Rational plain that was not ready to progress. It was just the beginning of an action which caused an inevitable series of undesired consequences. Twenty one eternities elapsed and the same adventurers repeated the mistake incurred in the origin of the cause, using matter as if they already new it. They knew its appearance only. In repeating the same performance they provoked additional suffering due to ignorance. The causers that today suffer and grieve in the matter are the same that initiated, in the beginning of times, when they were pure, clean and perfect, the long jaunt of transformations, decompositions, and degradations until the present days.
Obeying the will, they developed the matter, developed the electric and magnetic force, developed the nothing, dominated as they were by the force of the nothing; magnetism, which is the destructive energy of the evil. And he who is under the influence of  magnetism is destroying himself, decomposing himself, annihilating himself and ruining himself in the fire of the inferno of the sufferings and distresses. Materialists, decayed in disgrace, who did not become conscious that they had developed on their own a monster called matter, without knowing or learning who is this monster, as until now the great majority ignores. That is lapidation!
Everything repeats itself because the cause was, is and will be the will, the propulsion spring of all beings ; free, respected, absolute, be it the true or the illusory, be it in the terrestrial world,  or be it in the RATIONAL WORLD.  The incautious had several warnings from the Creator, as well as innumerous opportunities conceded by the RATIONAL SUPEROR in HIS infinite kindness, during several stages of the descent, in order to abbreviate the permanence in this suffering in the matter. The most recent of them, which preceded the arrival of the Rational Phase in 1935, was the access that the living creatures had to Nature’s natural alphabet, the Astrologic Alphabet, based on the reading of the general lines of the palms of the hands. According to the obedience to what the reading indicated – which, for instance, could determine that the son of a king became a carpenter – the living creature lived an agreeable, productive and pleasant life in the matter. The ones who accepted the conditions imposed returned to their World of Origin. The others who did not accept, including all of us, living brothers, materialists and unconscious, decided to stay.
These, ignoring the calls of attention, created at their convenience another alphabet, the artificial alphabet, all of it based on the development of the matter and until today they are here suffering the consequences of their acts, governed by this field of force, magnetic and materialist, that is no more than an assembly of reunited ruins. That is the result of the use of the bad will, of the unconscious will, of the will that takes the illusory everything to nothing. And how much is the nothing worth? Nothing!
On the other hand, the use of the true will by those pure, clean and perfect beings, that stayed in the part of the plain where they were originated, by the work and grace of God and did not follow their disobedient brothers, these are empowered to orient and conduct the living creatures in the matter to the consciousness of their precarious state of survival, through the reading of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” of the Rational Culture, that alerts to the eminent danger of the descent to inferior classes, in case they do not learn how to reason.
It is here that the Rational Energy starts to function, the energy superior to all energies, because it is the energy that prevails in the new phase of Nature, the Rational Phase. Upon reading the BOOK, the person goes on assimilating and absorbing through the materialized energy in its pages, the Rational sense of life and little by little goes on transforming himself positively, rationalizing himself, until reaching the advanced stage of the Rationalization Phase, with the development of the Reasoning, of the Clairvoyance and the apparatus, which is the most elevated point to be reached in this terrestrial life.
Reasoning has its base in the Rational World and has the logic in the proofs and comprobations. It is an inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, however materialized in machine of the reasoning, in the machine of the human body. In the process of dematerialization of the machine of the Reasoning promoted by the reading of the BOOK “Universe in Disenchantment”, everyone gets to know himself, knowing and understanding the why of life and the why of his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. They stop thinking and start to reason. It is the last step for the return of the living person to his World of Origin, directed by the true will, which is eternal.
And finalizing, it is well to remember that the Rational Superior teaches in the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” that …”Everyone who knows, everyone who reads, everyone who hears, must be propagandists of that that you know of good to yourselves and to the fellow creature, for all that know and for the ones who ignore”: “…and the living person who tries his best divulging this work, will reach a point never to be expected, which he never dreamt of, due to his obedience and persistence”,
Without the advertisement, nothing that was exposed above will be reached in an ample and embracing form. It is the duty of all and every student to advertise the Rational Culture, explaining the truths exposed in the Books, for the aggrandizement of all, the main objective being to become Rationally Immunized.

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