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terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2015


(Wilma Fernandes, a student of Rational Culture, Rio de Janeiro – BRAZIL)

Tagore traveled the world giving talks, having visited more than thirty countries in the five continents. In 1924, he made a visit to Peru as a guest of the Peruvian government. The following week, he paid a visit to Buenos Aires, in Argentina. A former student of the International Yoga Society N.D. collected the data of Master Tagore´s interview published by Chilean journalist Alano Hinojosa, when Tagore visited South America. Said the Master:
“In my short trip to the North, Central and South America, I could notice the symptoms of the sparks of consciousness, that announce the arrival of the Superior Man. There will appear a Superior Man who will be the common denominator of these peoples and capable to incarnate the idea of the Universal Unity. The excellence of His voice will be heard shortly; the people, the lords of the world, will know how to recon, with the development provided by HIM, of a transcendental Culture of the Origin.
We have the right to wait for the fruit of that harvest of the sower. He will be the Messiah, the Instructor, and the Superior Man. The one who will show up and be followed by the whole World. HE is the manifestation of the Light of the Truth on Earth and… all that is related to the present spiritual movement, mainly in Latin America with a Focus in Brazil.
HE, the Superior Man, will come as the Word, the Devine Light, bringing a New Aurora to the world and pouring onto the regenerated and freed humanity, new standards of new values, based on transcendental knowledge. There will be a Temple dedicated to the Universal Father. This Superior man and His Majestic Silhouette are of the Supreme Instructor of the World, for the Universal concert.
Brazil will be the spiritual capital of the world, as the cradle of the Brazilian New Culture, for being the Spiritual Center connected with other Worlds. Since it is in Brazil that the event will take place, where the Sublime Light of Truth with the New Scripture will be originated, that the Superior Man will offer to the men…”

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Gilberto disse...

The Superior Man meaning the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the Reasoning superior to all Reasonings, the RATIONAL SUPREMACY.

In other words, Lord Manoel Jacinto Coelho, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR of the Earth,TWO-IN-ONE, who came to this second world, to lead us back to our World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, through the reading of the books, "UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT", which were dictaded to HIM by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR and printed in the Rational Retreat in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.