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sábado, 28 de fevereiro de 2015


Mundo Racional = Rational World

Astral Superior = Superior Astral

Astral Inferior = Inferior Astral

Astral Térreo = Terrestrial Astral

Hail, everyone!  
It is a waste of time living to believe that the world is what we see with our material vision, which can only reach the realms of the appearances and fails to see what lies beyond them. The matter is controled, it has no power of its own.
Beyond the matter lies the realms of the invisible: check out the image above. There is the Terrestrial Astral, the Inferior Astral and the Superior Astral and further above is the RATIONAL WORLD (THE ORIGIN OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE)
The invisible beings command all the people and living beings in the Cosmos. We are literally in the danger zone, for we depend upon knowing the invisible part, so that we can recognize the sheer evil (The Terrestrial Astral), the apparent good (The Inferior Astral), the true good (The Superior Astral) and, finally, the eternal good (THE RATIONAL WORLD).
However if all that has been said here goes unnoticed, people will still be at the mercy of the experiences for lack of a better knowledge. They will keep swaying between the electric and magnetic forces without ever reaching safety in their lives.
Safety exists from the Superior Astral above. The dimensions below have just one purpose: To polish humanity! For this reason there is only suffering and pain in this world. Now, then, if the politicians and governments don’t know anything about this reality which, by the way, is the knowledge of themselves, how can they offer any security to people, since they themselves are, also, controlled by these forces?
While the person remains ignorant about the existence of the RATIONAL WORLD, he or she will never be able to connect to these invisible fields which provide security in this world, because they are the superior power.
The beings from the Inferior Astral and Terrestrial Astral are involved with the polishing of the thinker until he decide to search for this knowledge, which was promulgated by the superior power in 1935. This fact represent the advent of Rational Culture – the Culture of the Development of the Reasoning.
The invisible beings from the Terrestrial Astral are merciless and implacable with humanity. If the humans continue connected to the electric-magnetic energies on Earth, after their death, they will eventually transform into other beings in the invisible realms and, there, they will acquire monstrous body and shapes.
There is no sense of safety or security if one does not know what kind of energy one is connected to. Care for your own good, know yourself. And that is only possible if one studies the books of RATIONAL CULTURE – UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.
The world is under liquidation, this means that anything can happen at any moment – there is no guarantee.
The phase of thought is over. Thought had its positive functions precluded. It is the negative functions of thought which will carry out the transformation of the Rational animal into irrational animal.
The Phase of Thought lasted until 1935, after which, the thinker lost his right to live. The thinker is being terminated, and his demise is reflecting in all areas of life such as financial, moral and physical.
It is mandatory that the thinker connect to his natural energy of his origin – the Rational Energy. Only, then, the thinker will prevent himself from going to the inferior classes. So, SAVE YOURSELF IF YOU WILL.

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