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quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2015


The char and the wheat

(Severino dos Reis, a student of Rational Culture, Belo Horizonte, MG – BRAZIL)

The human beings without knowing that Nature has changed from Civilization Culture to RATIONAL CULTURE are still enthusiastic about the progress of Civilization; they believe that the scientific progress will provide solutions to all problems of today’s life.
Nevertheless, it does not suffice to solve drug addiction, human slaughtering and traffic accidents!
Nature’s phase changes have been causing the demise of human beings with psychopaths entering schools or residences and killing innocents with no reason at all. 
In addition to all that, there is the contamination and pollution infesting the water and earth. Neither the Space has been spared from man’s reckless progress, for it is filled with satellite junkies, rockets and other types of wreckage. 
For this reason, there is an urgent need to know Rational Culture, whose didactics is found in the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. 
In this article we will explain the difference between enchantment and disenchantment.
Check this out: man has always been in his incessant search for the origin of life. Nonetheless it is in the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT that man will know from where he came and to where he is going. In this book, we will also learn that before the inception of this world, we were RATIONAL ETERNAL BEINGS that lived in the RATIONAL WORLD – THE WORLD OF PURENESS where there is no transformation. We are some of those RATIONAL BEINGS who entered the part of the RATIONAL WORLD and started to progress in that part. Since it was not ready for the RATIONAL progress it collapsed and tumbled down gradually for not supporting that progress, as a result, it began to transform uninterruptedly and it is so to these days.
This universe we live in is the Rational Plain transformed in matter, and the Rational Beings are the humans.
Thus it is easier to understand why this is a dual universe, that is, half animal, half Rational. The animal part is the material element, whereas the Rational part is the life element or the soul.
The material body is in this sense a hamper to life because of its mortality. If this body stops working, be it by a disease or any accident, then life is terribly compromised. Life is limited by the existence of the material body. Like the fairy tales, when a charming prince is enchanted and keeps living in the shape of a frog. Likewise is the material human body trapping the Rational life, which is eternal.  What is disenchantment?  Disenchantment is the separation of the Rational from the animal! 
The only way possible to achieve the disenchantment is developing the REASONING which is the Rational Consciousness. In order to develop the REASONING, one has to study the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT!
At this point in time, with all the Civilization’s development, one might think the disenchantment should already been done, nonetheless, it could never be possible in this deformed world but only from the origin of the Rational animal. Only the Rational World possess the real formula of the existence of this world, which was made to enable the transference of life to this provisory body, since the real body – the Rational Body was extinguished.     
You keep blaming on God for all the badness in this world, if you were aware of the truth surrounding the formation of this world, you would see clearly that this world is consequence of its own inhabitants. Man is not guilty for being the way he is but he is guilty of being in this deformed world. Fact is that life is enclosed in a body of matter submitted to endless transformations. No sciences could ever clarify this mystery, that is, why we depend on a perishable body to live. Life is eternal, but in this world it cannot go on free from its receptacle. 
Nobody can choose to be what they want; being tall, short, black, white, rich or poor are all aspects which escape the control of man. Nobody chooses to be good or bad in this world!
The material and spiritual developments were important to prepare man to the phase you are all in now. For this reason, this world is united with the meta world – THE RATIONAL WORLD – the world of origin of all life in this universe. 
And to be united with this world one has to connect to its energy- the RATIONAL ENERGY. THIS ENERGY IS THE ONLY ENERGY THAT CAN DEVELOP THE REASONING. 
To date the only information that was accessible to humanity was the one provided by thought and imagination. This two attributes were the effects of the electric and magnetic energies in the minds of all living beings in this universe. It was through the development of thought and imagination that the religious and scientific progress came to be. Now it is time humanity starts developing over its original energy – the RATIONAL ENERGY which will make the separation between thought and reasoning, or better still, the animal from Rational, the chaff from the wheat. 
The Rational Energy can be attained through the reading of the BOOKS UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.    
This is the end of suffering for not knowing the origin of this world. There are two choices for humanity, it can go up to the RATIONAL WORLD or down to the inferior classes – the world of the irrationals. 

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