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quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2015



Brazil is a land, among all nations, with a singular mission.
Brazil has been prepared by Nature with all necessary resources for the accomplishment of this great mission.
And what is this mission?
To unite all races for the Rationalization of humanity, that is, to bring them back to their world of origin through the development of the Reasoning, which is the pineal gland. Because humanity belongs to one single race, the RATIONAL RACE; we are not from this world.
For this reason, the Rational Culture was born in Brazil, the cradle of the culture from the Meta-World – THE RATIONAL WORLD – , which is a extra-cosmic world with its pure, clean and perfect rational beings, who are our brothers in the eternity, working in this second world where we live with their materializations in space and earth; at times materializing as human beings to call our attention to the new phase in Nature – THE RATIONAL PHASE.
In the RATIONAL PHASE, we will move in space as bodies of energy, which are similar to the UFOS.
It is the legacy of this land to carry out the mission of the World Rationalization, so, in this sense, the Government should promulgate the new tablets of education by adopting RATIONAL CULTURE to be taught at all levels at school; this transcendental culture will come from Brazil to the World.
Nonetheless the Brasilian Government and people are careless about their transcedental mission, whose compliance means the full consolidation of Universal Concord. Its non-compliance has been causing a fierce intervention and actuation of the invisible beings from the Terrestrial Astral – the lower astral.
Watch the latest events in Brazil, where things get worse everyday, and you will all agree on the fact that this nation is heading for chaos for being against Nature. If we had a favorable development to Nature in this country, long ago, all solutions would have already been met. Only Nature can give humanity its right orientation.
It is a fact that the human orientation comes from the invisible orbes; when one is in harmony with Nature, this orientation is of solution and concord. But if one is unbalanced with the natural principles, the orientation that comes from the invisible orbs is for destruction and the establishment of discord at all levels.
Nature has endowed Brazil with the honor of hosting the culture of the development of the Reasoning. The culture of thought was gone forever and, therefore, everything that was projected by thought is being liquidated. The Thinkers are without guidance and lost.
The solution to all that can only be found in the development of the Reasoning in the pineal gland through the study of RATIONAL CULTURE in the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.
In spite of all that, the Brazilian Government is simply despising the signals of Nature to the adoption of Rational Culture as the new parameters to follow. Thus Nature is not giving support and protection to the people as a way to show her indignation to our recklessness.
Nature is who gives the shots and not the Government neither the people. When Nature decides upon something, the black turns into white. Following Nature we have everything we need to live in this world.
The disregard of Earth’s inhabitants is causing Nature to punish us with all kinds of mistreats such as lack of water, drought, earthquackes, diseases and so on and so forth.
How far will we have to go with all these punishments before we can understand the real intentions of Nature?
Only in Rational Culture will people really understand Nature’s intentions, which is to bring us back to our true natural state of RATIONAL BEINGS in the RATIONAL WORLD.
Lets hope that this wake-up call gets to all authorities and people, awaking them to the present phase – THE PHASE OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING. It is the ultimatum of GOD – THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL – THE SUPERIOR REASONING TO ALL REASONING AND ALL ENERGIES IN THE UNIVERSE.

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