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terça-feira, 20 de outubro de 2015



Thus life has become a real nightmare and dissatisfaction was all around with agonizing people at any moment. In their agony they said: “ I live in anguish because I don’t know who I am, why I am what I am, from where I came and to where I am going.”
Who am I?” was the most unanswered question. Nobody could give it an answer!
Are we really from this world?” “Where am I going?”
These questions alone put everyone at startle with life. And people dreamed about life, thinking it belonged to them; however nobody could ever be sure how long they would live or how they would lose it. There was no guarantee and life was full of fights, where people had to make ends meet to keep going. It was a tragedy!
At this point everyone was living on appearances through hardships and pain. The material life seemed to be everything but only apparently. Life was engendered by the semen, which has always been shrouded in mysteries.
Nobody could tell anything as to what originated life. You were simply unknown of yourselves; living but with a vague notion of yourselves, rambling without knowing of how your existence came to be.
Everyone was in deep confusion for not knowing the real cause of life. They all thought life was the one everyone lived down there; nobody ever knew the origin of the semen. All they knew was that it developed into a being, who would by the determination of Nature live up to a certain point.
Actually this could not be the real life, for it conflicted with Nature in almost all points and, as a consequence, Nature inflicted all types of punishments over humanity such as tempests, hurricanes, incurable diseases and so on and so forth.
Everyone was lost in confusion with the origin of this empty world, in such a way that they took this life for granted. They thought in one moment that this was the real life and then, in the next moment, they couldn ‘t conform with it. It was hard to accept that one could simply stop living in a matter of seconds being taken from this life by an accident or some other kind of fatality.
Everyone lived under struggles and hardships to keep the appearances, not to display the decadency within themselves.
Actually the ever changing moods and states of the material life were signs that you never belonged there; actually everyone was lying to themselves, pretending that this world was theirs.
If you were from there, you would be eternal and not mortals as everyone is. Nature punished humanity in all possible ways to show that it is not from here. Humanity belongs to another world – THE RATIONAL WORLD.
In the Rational World, you are all pure clean perfect Rational Beings!
All sacrifices and fights to keep living in a world to which you don’t belong were in vain. The final phase of life was its own termination which everyone would inevitably encounter.

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