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domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2015


(Economist Dr. Valdir Santos Alexandrino, a student of Rational Culture, Viçosa MG – Brazil)

The RATIONAL WORLD is the Cause of the Origin of the Plain that was not ready to enter in progress.
The fountain of the Deformation is the Plain that was not ready to enter in progress.
From that Plain started the Deformation. It was the Plain’s deformation that transformed itself into water.
The water, that powerful Energy of Life, is life itself, the manufacturer of all degenerated lives.
This Second World is the water transforming itself into Beings of provisory and passing Lives.
The existence of the Origin is that Plain, that is the Fountain of the Deformation.
That Plain being the existence of the Cause of the seed.
The seed generates its roots that transform themselves into a machine, that generates and prepares itself, until after being formed, is born, and afterwards  grows and develops itself, in order to, after being ready, know the why it exists, through the development of the Reasoning machine.
As the Reasoning develops, it connects to the pure, clean and perfect Rational Energy. And upon connecting itself to the Rational Energy, comes the transformation of the matter into Rational Energy.
Ceasing to be matter, to become a body of Rational Energy, for it occurs the transformation of that body of matter into the natural state of being, becoming then, a pure, clean and perfect Rational Energy body.
And as a Rational Energy Body, it comes to live in its true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.
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Today, in the Rational Apparatus category, humanity is living Rationally. When it was in the Rational animal category as a spokes-person Apparatus of this World that is electric and magnetic, you lived irrationally.
Today you know how to answer the defying question – “Who are you?”
As enchanted ones you could not answer, for you did not know the why of the “you”. Today, you know the answer, with base and with logic:
I am of Rational origin, but degenerated. I degenerated and deformed myself from what I was. I was a pure, clean and perfect Rational.
Then, the existence of the “you” took place.
And for the formation of the “you”, there was the microbial existence.
Everyone was born from the ground. The “you” was born from the ground.
And it was thus that the ground constituted itself complementing the origin. And the “you” became a deformed part of what “I” used to be. And, that it was the body of origin, the bodily formation of my true state of natural being.
And the “I”, the true causer of that Deformation of the body of origin, that is there transformed in this Material Galaxy; for it was the causer of that electric and magnetic Galaxy.
The “you”, the formation of the matter, was born from the ground, for the bodies former to these, (those bodies of the origin) having been extinguished on top of the plain and on top of the resin. Then, the “you” was originated.
Then, where have “you” come from, matter, but from the ground? Everyone was born from the ground, the why of the “you”. And the microbial origin of the “you”. [And the microbial origin of the “you”].
And thus was fecundated a Rational machine. The Reasoning machine was fecunded for the reason of your having an eternal origin, which is the origin of the Rational. The materialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD in the form of Reasoning machine was due to its formation.
That machine of the Rational mechanics was fecundated because, when the extinction of the beings from above occurred on top of this ground, when their existence was still in the beginning, it was then established this bioduality: two Beings in one, Rational/Animal. Rational being the part of the origin, and animal the deformed part of the origin.
The Rational Energy Body in its extinction, stopped existing as it were, but the Rational life had to continue in that other way.
Then, it was fecundated a Rational machine with all its viruses, microbes and germs, obeying a Plant of Rational Universal order (but a deformed Plant) in order for these lives of fluidic nature come to know, with time, the why of their formation is as it is. A material life that is a deformed part of the origin.
That body’s microbial Rational Plant, which is that electric and magnetic fluidic organic matter, was constituted with the organs required for leading a life learned about things and learned about one’s own Being.
And the knowledge of the Being is in the Reasoning, which is its true originality of being.
Originally, came in the water, the earth, and the energy of the body of origin, which originated the matter. For that reason, the origin is the essential part of the matter, for matter is of Rational origin.
In that primitive beginning of the participation of the water, the energy as the causing (or forming) element of the life of the viruses,  of the microbes, and of the germs of the whole fluidic microzoarian. 
All the visible and invisible microlives were made, in order to work as micro machines, that are microlives manufacturers of the organic machine, with all its belongings, in order to be born and able to acquire the Dooms Day, to understand and comprehend your Being, and thus, to be able to return to our true World of Origin.
The water gives the formation and the incubator generates, by influence of the Energy of the extinct body of Rational Energy, thence coming the formation of the microzoarian and the consequent formation of all visible and invisible Beings.
Then, for being Beings of Rational origin you formed yourselves, with time, into free-thinkers. The thought formation was to make possible the development of the mind. And the mind, with the evolution and the development could understand and comprehend its true seed.
And with your Rationalization, you know the reason of living, as you today see the reason of the why of this life, and the reason of the why the life of matter ends, and the origin prevails rather than the matter. For matter, at the end of this life from the ground transforms itself in what has originated it; theorigin.
And transforming itself in the origin, the Rational Energy body goes back to its world of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

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