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segunda-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2008


Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (Paris, 26/08/1743. 08/05/1794) proved that "anything if you/he/she loses, anything if you/he/she creates, everything changes." But... he/she was the question: why and so that? Already illustrious Albert Einstein (Ulm, 14/03/1879. Princeton, USA, 18/04/1955),physical of German origin, naturalized American north, physics Nobel prize in 1921, proved that we lived in an electric and magnetic ocean, in other words, that everything is electric power and magnetic transformed in beings of different forms and functions.
And that duality, electric and magnetic, in fact is present in the whole universe, or else, let us see: male (electric) female (magnetic) versus; positive (electric) negative (magnetic) versus; yang (electric) versus ying (magnetic); day (electric) versus night (magnetic). And if we continue to classify everything existent in this universe in that we lived, we will summarize that everything in two poles: electric and magnetic, that they are opposed, they exercise attraction force one on the other, but, they are not mixed, maintaining always each one his/her different nature, for that, they are not added. However, which the origin of that electric and magnetic force? Why did appear he/she? How did he/she feel his/her formation? In this point Einstein's work was paralyzed. The science knows that the discovery of the origin of the electromagnetism is the answer for the origin of the universe in that we lived and, consequently, this is going to demystify the origin of humanity. That, for his/her time, is the solution of all of the universal subjects and the solution of the human beings' balance. Balance that that never took place, embargoed that was for the mystery of the electromagnetism. Reason because the world was always and it continues being of fights and wars: some against the other ones, destroying each other. And the true peace? That always seedling was! Now, we know a lot albeit causeless effect doesn't exist. The son's cause, for instance, is the father, because there is no son without father. The son until he/she can ignore his/her father, but he/she knows that exists somewhere or a man existed, whose spermatozoid did possible his generation, son.
Therefore, as well as everything he/she has a cause, an origin, this world in that we lived also has his/her cause, his/her origin. He/she exists, in fact, a superior world that gave origin to this in that we lived. And how did all this begin? It is what will summarize to proceed and that it is contained, with wealth of details, in 1006 books, entitled UNIVERSE IN I DISENCHANT, where the RATIONAL CULTURE, the Culture of the Development of the Reasoning is condensed (also known like Pineal Gland or Epifisis, located in the isthmus of the mesencéfalo). Before being it what we are, electric and magnetic bodies, what were? We were bodies of pure cosmic mass, it cleans, perfect. Did we live where? In an eternal world, where the energy is also pure, it cleans and perfect, in other words, RATIONAL, no variant, for not existing in that world nor electricity (positive apparent), nor magnetism (negative). Therefore, a world where the law of the transformation doesn't exist, because it is full, totally balanced. Then RATIONAL WORLD, or RATIONAL PLAIN to be denominated. Then we will begin the humanity's true history. There are 21 eternities behind (each eternity has a countless number of years), some so many inhabitants of the RATIONAL PLAIN, decided to penetrate in a small part of the PLAIN, that was not ready for the progress (the progress of purity that is developed in the RATIONAL PLAIN). They were informed that they should not penetrate in that part, but they wanted to penetrate even so. . It is there, being a world of purity, there is no coercion to the freedom.
Like this, that part not being ready, in other words, in spite of pure, it cleans and perfect, not to be in Rational progress, there was a change of energy, doesn't tend conditions of supporting the inhabitants' energy that there penetrated. That part, then began to move of the origin. When moving, he/she separated of the RATIONAL WORLD.
When those inhabitants gave for the displacement, they wanted to retreat, to return to the RATIONAL WORLD, what was not possible, because of the displacement. In that point, some so many ones decided to paralyze that progress forming, then, the ASTRAL SUPERIOR. The others decided to continue progressing. In that continuation of the progress it is that they began to lose the virtues, those meeting in focus of silver opaque light that, later, he/she created the that today is the sun. After initiate the loss of the virtues, and the beginning of the formation of the sun, there was, like this, the separation from the ASTRAL SUPERIOR.
Again, some so many ones decided to interrupt the progress, they wanted to return to the ASTRAL SUPERIOR, but they were not able to, it had already been made the separation from that energy field. Those that paralyzed the progress in that apprenticeship, came to form the ASTRAL INFERIOR. See well, the inhabitants of the ASTRAL SUPERIOR, in spite of they have been turned off of the RATIONAL WORLD, they didn't lose their virtues.
They were just without the connection to the RATIONAL WORLD. Consequently, they are bodies of pure energy, it cleans, but, no perfect, for lacking the connection to the origin world, the RATIONAL WORLD. It was formed like this the field of energy denominated ENERGY CONSCIOUS MEDIADORA. Already the ones that lost the first virtues, leading off the formation of the sun, that today, after totally deformed, it is the electric and magnetic pole, those, then, were under the command and dependence of that pole, completely locked, without any return possibility, being deformed more and more, because the light focus went warming up and deforming everything. They were submitted to that pole that if it turned, with the time, an electric and magnetic pole, that is the sun. They became, then, electric and magnetic bodies invisible. They are the calls spirits (others give angels' name, saints etc.), but, actually, they are electric power bodies and magnetic and they are eternal. Of the electric part, the good (that is the very apparent, because they are deformed) ones and of the magnetic part, the bad.
Well, continuing in the long report of our formation and creation, again the others, that you/they didn't want to paralyze the progress, they continued to progress independently until if they extinguish completely, losing all of the virtues, separating of the ASTRAL INFERIOR, and calling in the gum (that he/she became if water) and in the resin (that he/she became if earth).
He/she felt the formation of the matter then with two poles. Positive, the ones that extinguished and they were materialized in the gum (the male) and negative, the ones that extinguished on top of the resin (the female). All electric and magnetic bodies materialized, without any return possibility to his/her origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.
An explanation. The pure energy, cleans and perfect of that part of the PLAIN that was not ready to enter in progress, with the displacement he/she began the to be deformed and to deteriorate, becoming a gum, that became liquid and, later he/she became if water. While gum, of her began to leave a resin, that with the deformation provoked by the light focus, it was warmed up, blistering, toasting, turning ash, what today knew as earth.
Like this, in short, we have three fields of energy, that are three different natures: electric and magnetic (THE ASTRAL INFERIOR), conscious Mediator (THE ASTRAL SUPERIOR) and RATIONAL (RATIONAL WORLD).
Well, the nature, then ( for we be out of our natural state), being electric and magnetic, conscious Mediator and Rational one, is treating, along those 21 eternities which we passed already, it is treating of joining us again to the origin, to the natural state of RATIONAL. Then, they are three powers working for that, of bass upward: THE ASTRAL INFERIOR, THE ASTRAL SUPERIOR AND THE RATIONAL WORLD.
It was a fantastic work! First, the FORMATION of the bodies in the matter, with the primordial: the formation in the brain of the machine of the imagination, of the machine of the thought and of the machine of the reasoning (the Glândula Pineal or Epífise). Then the DEVELOPMENT OF the MACHINE OF the IMAGINATION for the magnetic energy, for the human being's development inside of the material field, to learn to live together with him. Following by the DEVELOPMENT OF the MACHINE OF THE THOUGHT for the electric power, for connection of the human being to the ASTRAL INFERIOR. It was in that phase that the Astrology appeared. The astrological alphabet, guided by the ASTRAL SUPERIOR and reviewed to the ASTRAL INFERIOR (the good of that Astral one) that you/they reviewed the human being.
Then, on that time all if they guided for the alphabet that is in the palm of the hands, that said where each one had to live, that profession should hug, with whom would owe if unites, the children that should have. It was a very good alphabet, because he/she had limits, not allowing the fixation of the living in the matter, making the connection of the living to the good of the ASTRAL INFERIOR, leading off the return of all to his/her origin world, the RATIONAL WORLD. But, for being an alphabet with limits, he/she didn't give flow to the tastes and the wills without limits, that is own of all the you be material, of the beings that live in the matter. There, some so many ones if they rioted and they began to create a new alphabet, without spiritual orientation, with orientation simply of his/her deformed interior, in other words, material, of the matter, thinking will avoid the suffering, because they were able to with that alphabet to give flow the all of the tastes and to accomplish all of the dreams and wills.
Result, instead of if they call in the good of the ASTRAL INFERIOR, they still called more in the matter. The rioted nature, it let to come to the Earth the marginal of the space, that here are until today cutting the humanity that, under those influences he/she became completely unbalanced, as it is until today and more and more. If we had continued with the astrological alphabet, the that height of the life, we would already be linked to the ASTRAL SUPERIOR and the RATIONAL WORLD. We would already be immunized and balanced.
Then, the human being's situation became serious, because we will already enter in the 22nd eternity, whose transformation is for the inferior classes of irrational animal. The RATIONAL WORLD, then, intervened in our help, sending one of our siblings, inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, to deform from free and spontaneous will to the instance of the matter, being materialized as bug, just as us, because we are bugs, but already with the machine of the reasoning completely developed and working, for, through contacts with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, to receive orientation of as it counts the whole generation path, formation and creation of the world and of all their belongings so that, through of that knowledge we wake up of the sleep of material stone, joing us again: first, to the good of ASTRAL INFERIROR; as, to the guides and protecting of the ASTRAL SUPERIOR and, finally, to the inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD.
All this through reading the books Universe in I Disenchantment. And our brother that was materialized among us to become trained the return road, is Sr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho, that was born in old Federal district on December 30, 1903, and that in the day of his/her birth an enormous scintillant light appeared until arriving to the door of the house where, D. Rose, his/her mother, was in labor, being born, like this the HUMANITY'S TRUE SAVIOR, announced by several wise persons and prophets, and in the Bible as THE MAN'S SON, that brought, as she says in São João Apocalypse, the book that unmasks the secret of the 7 stamps and that us, students of RATIONAL CULTURE, we know that are THE SEVEN PARTS OF THE BECAUSE we are LIKE THIS, chapter of the 1st volume of the work.
Therefore, again we are being reminded by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. Again noticed. This is the last chance for return to the origin, otherwise that return will be made with the class descent for the inferior classes, becoming the infinities of classes of the irrational, until arriving to granite, be water again, later gum, later energy, until becoming Rational Plain that was not ready to enter in progress. Therefore, there tends to wait the necessary phase to be ready, for then, then, to return to the RATIONAL WORLD.
That course for the bass door will delay 7 eternities. Therefore, it is much better to interrupt that connection now in the matter, through the study of the book Universe in Disenchantment, and to return still in this life for the eternal life, together of the eternal, pure, clean and perfect. In other words, it is better to return for the DOOR OF TOP.
An explanation: the phase of the development of the machine of the imagination went to the phase of the 1st millennium. The phase of the development of the machine of the thought, was the phase of the 2nd millennium. And the current phase, the phase of the development of the reasoning (Pineal Gland or Epifisis), is the phase of the 3rd millennium, that had beginning in 1935, putting an end in the phase of the thought. Therefore, with the thought nobody solves anything else, because his/her phase already finished.
Then, who wants to have balance to live, to have the protection of the nature in everything in his/her life, he/she has to develop the reasoning, with the simple daily and assiduous reading of the books of the development of the reasoning, UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. Otherwise, it will be against the nature. And to be against who everything gives us, it is not a good thing, since we depend on the nature in everything to live. And she doesn't depend on us for anything!

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