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segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009


The flowers glow with its pleasant scent.
And so it has beautiful flowers without perfume, but also has
beautiful flowers with perfume.

So, there are appearances
Everything’s not what it seems.

As well, the beautiful flowers they are:
the smell and no smell, the scented and unscented.

As the flowers are, there are people, too.
There are people who seem to be what they are not.
And there are people who are just as fragrant.
The unscented appear that they are not.
And to justify perfume with its scent what they are.

And so are the people who often think they are what they are not.
Overlap with the appearance of thinking that has perfume without having.
As one who was born to be this or that is.
And who was born to be nothing, but appear for what is not.

And so are the creatures that often overlap with each other by appearing to what are not.
It has beautiful flowers and beautiful, but have no perfume.
And it has flowers that are beautiful, but have perfume.

And so are the creatures they believe to be what they are not because they had conditions that could justify his action to want to be what was not born to be. And therefore, the modes and the jinn and the conduct of all creatures are very different.

Each with its own way, with his conduct, different from each other.

The flowers are also creatures.
It has flowers of all the qualities of every size and shape of all.
So are the creatures in their ways, in their ways and their views.

And so there are poisonous flowers and creatures also
and flowers without poison.

All flowers have life, and who has a life speech.
The flower speaks because it has life, but humans do not understand.
It's the same thing: the spirits talk to each other in space, no one understands or listens.
Each one in their training, in their category, in their understanding.

The flower speaks, cries, the poison flower is brave and good is not.
Everyone talks in its class with each other. And that's why nobody listens to the people of the area talk to each other, nor hear the flowers talk. Not listen, because each in its category of training.

It has flowers that only transmit well. And it has flowers that only transmit evil.
And so are the creatures.
It has creatures that transmit well.
And it has creatures that transmit evil.

The flower is that not thinking.
No one sees what goes in the other's thoughts.
And so are the flowers, no one sees them talking.
Nobody sees that carries well forward.
Nobody sees that conveys the evil, pass.

... And all is only appearance.
And where there are only appearances, there are no truths, because appearances are not true.

Who live appearances, no peace.
... live in a living hell ... lives in false.
So... suffer the consequences of falsehood towards himself and to others.

So what good fight in this way?
Only to get worse.
And that is why the human ruins, universally, are increasing alarmingly.

The monstrosities
the savagery
injustice, the punishments, which are increasing more and more.
The lies, betrayals, fights, struggles, revolutions, wars, confusion are pervasive in such a way that no one understands.

All confused.
And so, mankind has always clashed with each other.

All this, because did they lie, the truth.
Replication's 2nd volume
Pages 26 to 31
For a better world.


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