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terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009


There are many causes of human suffering, but the main one is the lack of true wisdom.
The weakest suffer the most. The strongest suffer less.
The strongest are the most off of things. And the weaker, more connected to things that involve the life of matter.
And, therefore, a more detached from things and everything and more attached to things that involve the life of matter.
And thus, the weak suffer more, suffer more and suffer less strong.
The strongest are not attached to things.
They are selfless of all, these suffer less, and because they look nothing like anything should be addressed. They do not value what you do not.
What is the value of nothing?
And those who value nothing as if it were live badly.
And so, NOTHING, as if everything were: live evil!
And so the things that lay in their places, they live well, because nothing in these has no value, because they recognize nothing like anything and will not spend time appreciating what does not.
They will not give value to nothing, when nothing, nothing is to be considered a thing of importance.
In order, these things which lay in their posts if undisturbed fro nothing, they will not waste time worrying about nothing, because they know perfectly the value of nothing.
So what's the value of nothing?
Why? For life really be nothing: suddenly ends in nothing!
And so the live calls for prudence on all aspects and for all calmness, that arises when the good and the multiplication of the same prudence and calm to face all of the material as it really is: nothing. Thus, suffers less! For the simple fact that matter, it is a pain!
But many, not having a correct understanding of life, they think that life is what life is, being fobbed off with the costumes, appearances, with dreams and illusions.
They have not realized that the drop of water that turns into a human machine, it's not (know Aspects of Rational Education of the Human Body, 14/09/2009 posting at this address:
They do not know what life is, live dreaming, thinking that they are not in contradiction with everything and in contradiction with himself.
But everyone, sooner or later, lying at the point of view of real life, instead of dreaming and living your conscious state of being omnipotent culture, the RATIONAL.
And all come to the conclusion to adopt the RATIONAL, after much cutting, cutting it in accordance with the delay and the poignancy of each, because we are all still rough and late, otherwise there would be no misunderstandings, suffering and destruction of human humans, because they live with each other.
And all for live appearances, without noticing that everything is fleeting, all is illusion!
And the deluded suffer the consequences of rudeness and brutality of the delay of living without knowing why they live.
And think and consider what they are not.
This gives rise to impressive rudeness, apparently, that is vanity.
Vanity is the rude.
Vanity is the food of late, is the food of late.
Vanity is the food of rude to think that is what he is not.
Thought to be what is not.
Live of appearances.
Suddenly, the appearances are over, are destroyed, and everything became apparent nothing.
And so the life of those living lives without knowing why: pure suffering!
The costumes, appearances: the honey. And behind this honey: the gall.
It is necessary that we all know rationally, to stop being BE NOTHING and move the BE ALL, the development of reasoning!
It is necessary and is in its natural nature of stopping the suffering!
(Stop your suffering, do the same with the tears, wanted to study, with love, UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. Ask your Book: 0xx 031 2555-0054)

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