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quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010


A small spoon of salt in a cup of coffee.
Drink: it is salty!
A small spoon of salt in a huge and great source of clear water.
Drink: that sweet, that healthy!
So are the people.
Some cling to the small cup salt, feel the salty taste of life.
Others cling to the crystalline waters of the source, feel the sweet taste of life.
The salty taste of life is for those who cling to it, because salt is the person.
The taste of healthy life is for those who cling to it, because it is a sweet person.
The negative and positive. The good and evil.
The positive person looks always for his well, the negative one looks always for his evil .
The positive person demands always find the good in everything that happens around, because of his nature of good.
The negative person demands always for the evil in everything, because of his nature of bad.
The good has his nature upward, his vision is broad, not confined, is free.
The evil nature has his face down, his vision is small, confined, is imprisoned by the evil that feeds on himself.
The good sees the meanness of life with indifference, is superior to suffering, pain, ignorance.
The bad sees the meanness with relevance, is lower in all, he does the suffering, pain and ignorance as his flag, his guide.

The good gives importance to what is important, he gives value to what has value.
The bad gives importance to what has no importance; value, to what has no value.
Therefore, there is RATIONAL CULTURE, for all those who value all that is good and well.
And the dish is set, it has good and bad.
And relive the good and not the evil.
Time is too much little to know ourselves and to learn how to live well.
We must give not relevance to the tragic events of liquidation, they are for stoning those who do not care about what is important.
Let’s turn our eyes to the source leafy crystal clear and not to the confinement portion of salt water in the smallness of a cup.
Let’s be free from thought confining! No more addiction to prison!
Let’s embrace the reasoning!

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