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segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2010


Everything in Nature has its own time. Why? Because we live in a world distorted from its true natural state. If it were not deformed, it would not become, would be eternal. The transformation is the natural resource of nature to bring us to our natural state of being. It is therefore crucial to understand the origin of this universe, to know why and how has been done the world we live in, understanding what we did to get to the precarious material being, then, to know and understand how we return to our true nature, that is of energy.
Nature has faithfully fulfilled its mission in this gigantic task. In the field of Psychology, as in other areas, putting in each time, according to the changes, the necessary knowledge, corresponding to each phase, for conditions of survival more or less balanced. More or less, because there is no balance in a world of transformations. If we pay attention, we will observe that there is in every stage of life, an analogy between the various social segments. It's what they call the collective unconscious, which is electromagnetic energy, the owner of thought and imagination, which determines at each stage of Nature, the general line of conduct for all segments. And no one commands oneself, this energy is who commands everyone, while the person remains bound to the electromagnetic energy.
Jung, one of the biggest names in Psychology in 1928, despite his final word on the concept of the unconscious, said that only the future would give us a better assessment of the energy of the unconscious. He was absolutely right, because the full and final clarification about collective unconscious did not belong to the that time.
The world would still have to spend by bigger transformations and their consequent changes, evolving itself, through suffering, being possible for us, with less vanity and pride, understand and accept the truth about that subject.
That is why we said in the beginning that "Everything in Nature has its own time." Jung has exhausted and fulfilled his mission as a mouthpiece of psychological knowledge corresponding to the evolution of that time. But he was aware that it was just a step, not the apex. And the evil of us humans, is clinging to the steps past, closing our hearts and minds to the movements of the present day.
Who does kindergarten school, can not remain stuck there, otherwise becomes gross, rude. The same thing: parents can not tell the truth about human procreation to a child whose brain is still not fully formed, having no position to absorb the reality. So speak half truth. The real truth will be told to the child at the right time when the child is no longer a child, naturally ready to absorb the truth about the procreation.
And so, Nature, our true Mother, who has coming leading us, as her tools, by putting on our thinking and imagination all that is needed and necessary for our polishing, to prepare us for the last phase of life from matter, where everybody passes to know the truth of truths, by knowing oneself, as well one's natural STATE OF BEING, which is not spiritual, is infinitely superior to the spiritual: is the RATIONAL BEING.
This is the current phase, the RATIONAL PHASE, the Phase of the Third Millennium, born in the tent Spiritist Francis of Assisi, the largest and last evolution of spiritualism, science, philosophy and all cultural segments, where we learn to detach ourselves from the collective unconscious (electromagnetic energy) passing to connecting in the positive conscious (RATIONAL ENERGY, the energy of our Real World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, from where we went out by our own free will, in an unfortunate experience, which caused the formation of this electromagnetic universe, monstrous and gigantic, in which we live).
And with the entry of this New Phase of Nature, the Rational Phase, the electromagnetic energy (collective unconscious) went into liquidation, after 21 eternities reigning over humanity. That is the reason of settlement of all who are still connected to it, and this is the cause of the imbalance moral, physical and financial that affect mankind, regardless of race, religion, political party, a philosophical or scientific, social status, gender or age. Nobody else has the right to live, if stay connected to the collective unconscious, which is the electric and magnetic energy, thought and imagination, respectively. Everyone needs to urgently get to know the RATIONAL ENERGY, the energy that develops the reasoning (pineal gland), vital point of eternal life, for cease to think and imagine, that is, to stop being robots of the two energies of the ground, the electric and the magnetic, that correspond to the thought and to the imagination.
These energies have the mission to destroy everything they have created through our thought and imagination, leaving the house (the Earth) clean for the New Phase of Nature, the Rational Phase, where new values, procedures and understandings begin to take shape to finally achieve true peace, true love, true universal brotherhood and harmony of all for one and one for all. Therefore, the phase of thought finished. Then, today nobody solves anything by thinking, as well in the past.
And with the end of the phase of thought, the thinker has lost the right to live because they are living against the new phase of Nature. Each phase with its procedures and understandings. What happened in other stages was very good to prepare everybody. Now is to embrace the reasoning, because the phase is for its development.
We invite everyone to know the New Phase, free of all prejudices, to have benefits fully and quickly, from this unpublished knowledge, transcendental and definitive of life. It was the True God who gave this knowledge for us.The true God, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. For if we are from Rational origin, God is a being of our origin, Rational as we are, however, SUPERIOR, that is why the SUPERIOR RACIONAL. That's not the name of Him, because in the Superior World has not office to register names. SUPERIOR RATIONAL is the vibration condition of the Energy of the True God.
And so, with much happiness, all imbued with the Rational Knowledge, we will be free from the control of the collective unconscious, which has put brothers against brothers, by living without self-knowing.
It is high time to embrace the reasoning, so we all can live well, with positive awareness Rational, loving each other and doing good without looking at whom.
The phase in force is Rational. And the procedure in the New Phase: EVER REASON! NEVER THINK!
Those who live against the New Phase of Nature, all dominated by the collective unconscious, are destroyed by Nature, which does not want thinkers, in the Phase of the Development of the Reasoning.
Why? Because all thinkers are destroyers of all, of everyone and of themselves, and the Nature wants a world of true love, of true peace, and of true brotherhood!
Save yourself if you want and if you can!

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