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domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2010


There are PEOPLE and people.
Hence, INTERPRETATIONS, and interpretations.
Because there are three energies governing beings materialized.
From bottom to top: the magnetic, electrical and Rational.
And so, the interpretation of life depends on the energy that the person is on.
Evil is of the weak interpreters and the well is of the good interpreters.
The good person interprets as Rational.
The bad person interprets as irrational animal.
The magnetic interpretation in a way, the electric interpretation in other way. And the Rational another.
The Rational interprets right.
The electric person, more or less. The magnetic person, badly, because they are three energies.
Some are connected to magnetic energy.
Other, connected to electric and other connected to Rational Energy.
And each is dominated by the energy in which is connected.
And thus the question of different interpretations.
Interpretation of the good persons, of the bad persons and of the positive interpreters.
According to the energy that is linked to interpretation.
And that is why they are all different, all are unequal because of these three different mechanical, these three different machines.
The machine of imagination, the magnetic energy.
The machine of thought, the electric energy.
And the machine of the reasoning, the Rational Energy.
And, therefore, has the unbalanced persons, the balanced persons and the right persons, within this set of electric and magnetic.
The voice of the heart is the voice of the reasoning. Those who have no heart, connected to the magnetic, can not hear the voice of the reasoning.
But if the person persists in connect to Rational Energy, reading the Books of the Rational Energy, Universe in Disenchantment, cease to be bad, will have heart, will hear the voice of reasoning, changing his interpretation of life and starting to interpret life as Rational and not, as irrational.
And horrendous suffering of the world, will increase more and more until, tired of the suffering, all reach the same conclusion that we should disconnect to these energies of the ground, electrical and magnetic, to connect to the Rational Energy, developing reasoning, reading and rereading, studying and re-studied the books Universe in Disenchantment.
The time is right to develop the reasoning, because the phase of thinking ended since 1935. With thought, nobody solves anything.
The interpretation of life now, is the interpretation of life as it is: RATIONAL!
And Nature has an absolute power over everything and everyone: connected to the electromagnetic energy down the class and will go a long hierarchy of irrational animals, like it or not.
Connected to the Rational Energy, returns to our true natural state of Rational pure, clean and perfect.
And, like it or not want, this is the correct interpretation of life. The TRUTH is independent of consent of anyone.
Let us connect to Rational Energy, while there is time!

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