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quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2010


Revenge is the apex of ambition.
For who is ambitious wants everything and everyone under his feet, so he can control everything and everyone, manipulating everything and everyone, because he believes himself better than everything and everyone and with the right of driving their lives, at his whim.
He believes he is the owner of the world and of the Nature.
Hence, he seeks to destroy everything and all who refuse to submit to his unbalanced desires and ideals: this is revenge.
All this for not knowing himself, believing he is superior to everything and everyone, when it ends, he is worse than everything and everyone.
With this unconsciousness, he uses all the baseness only to fool, to betray, to deceive, to cajole, to entertain and to transform the others submissive to him: worships appearances.
Seems to be a noble citizen, but is a thief, a charlatan.
Seems a citizen of good principles, but is the very door of the precipices: white outside, black inside .
Beautiful on the outside, monstrous inside, speaking of God and grow with your domain, the forces of darkness.
It is the Judas personified.
For all these reasons, it is a vindictive person, who not forgive those who do not let be dominate by him. And so, he tries for the destruction ( material and spiritual) of those who do not let themselves be dominated by him: because are person who have already recognized the UNIVERSAL SUPREME ENERGY, the RATIONAL ENERGY, and they have already embraced this FORCE, who is GOD.
And so, he is always adding in his own I as a true snowball, all kinds of dirt: the prose, envy, jealousy, selfishness, vanity, pride, gossip etc.., snowball which comes to a certain point, crushes whom that fed it.
Therefore, one comes to the conclusion that who is vengeful, in the light of the reasoning is, of all the worst of all, the lowest of the lower, finally, the most fool of the fools, because is destroying himself.
It is necessary to know yourself Rationally, not to be fooled by such and such. And for knowing yourself Rationally, only through the development of reasoning, in the Culture of the reasoning, the RATIONAL CULTURE , of the Books Universe in Disenchantment.
In these elevated Books all pass to know what is natural: "Natural is what may be without prejudice to anyone."
Apart from that, everything is artificial, is lying, mystification, leading the human living to the path of his own perdition, which is ambition that makes of all who adopt it, be a vengeful of himself, for not knowing himself through de development of the reasoning.
To see what's revenge: the apex of ambition!

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