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terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012


(João de Castro)

The enthusiasm many display with the modernity, which is translated to a number of gadgets, that is, from a simple appliance to the whole economic/financial system, will no longer exist when everyone comes to know themselves.
The truth is that there is nothing new in this World. What we have here is the hugest ignorance of the true knowledge of life and Nature.
The institutions which controle your life have been on the spot for millions of years.
The World leaders of the most powerful countries in the World have the same bloodline which goes as far as back to the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. Look for these names: Maxwell Jordan, Michael Cremo (Forbidden Archeology), to name but 2; the list is long.
They are researchers who based their studies on "FACTS" and reveal all this structure imposed by the architects of the control.
Constructions that display the same symmetry give us testimony of very advanced culture (materially speaking) that existed in ancient times (Sumerian, Aztec, Maya and Egypt).
No doubt they had material development, but the visible field with which they had been dealing with belongs to electromagnetism, the dimension of the Inferior Astral, whose function was to dilapidate human kind.
The aspects of what we see from these ruins is what was left; it is the power of Nature, showing with these signal that nothing, but, nothing can really stand the test of time.
However, long before that, the earth had experienced in its beginning, total equilibrium just like in heaven. And how it came to that point? It started with some
people's disrespect to the natural principles.
"They" got hold of a rich simbology that transmitted the universal knowledge of life, and obtained the custody of an entire sciences that showed and explained the human body as the pecfect plant of the Universe. Whatever it is, "Illuminati or Illuminari", this class of greedy mortals altered all the knowledge to expand their power over human kind.
They created the money and the institutions of control, artificialized our food, and closed the human soul believing everything would be overlooked.
The fact that the Universe has its guardians, who serve Nature, was totally overlooked by them, and as a consequence, they will pay a high price for that.
See what Rational Culture has to say:" You found relics and artfacts and started organizing this reality you live in.
You entitled yourselves the owners of what you didn't see, how the World was made and who made it. When you arrived there the World was even older than it is today.
You avoided being conducted by the Natural, because it poses limits. Instead you preferred giving expansion to your wills and the consequences are there to be seen.
At that time everyone lived longer and had contact with the Beings of the Superior Astral. They only lived to study Nature.
The Phase of the Third Millenium will be the phase of the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the Rational World, who has been materialized in the form of Pineal Gland for 21 eternities"
Bottom line: Nature made everything right, but it was man who drifted away from the true course of life to live under the illusion of Isis's Veil.
The Reasoning awaits its awakening through the Energy that is ruling the Third Millenium.
Once the Reasoning awakes, it will see it is tracking down here and will follow it up again, and back to the World of Origin.
The Reasoning will see all the steps which were built up during its journey down here, and it will go back through these steps." It is an insane Rush we see these days. Everyone is trying to save this sick being called Matter."
It doesn't matter what you do, nothing can stop the tides of time from sweeping everything to Infinity, leaving behind the remainings of what represented the dream of this Giant called Humanity.
The Bloodlines went as far as they could. And if Naturehas allowed that to reach the current days, it is because "they" will also have to witness this great moment that is forthcoming.
We would suggest, though, that this moment is an unprecedented moment of polarization in the history of human kind.
Everyday we are bombed by information that resounds the Echoes of our Origin. We can tap the ears not to hear anything, avoid leaving our sweet illusions, but it is the silence deep within that disturbs.
The ruins of the past reflect a past of glories and conquests which were filtered by the inspection of the quality of time, and for excluding the other part of the living beings, they couldn't go ahead.
Nature doesn't exclude, for she is the greatest defender of the "Conditional Love". If we don't speak her language, we won't be able to pass the test of time.
"The Conditional Love" has closed human kind within this glass dome (glass for being breakable just like the human arrogance).
We took everything from Nature and never give anything in return. We have perpetuated this concept in our personal life with everything and everyone.
We have planted so many seeds of "Conditional Love", that the fruits produced will only do harm to human kind; however, as the greates Sage of all put it,"Planting is optional, but harvesting is obligatory".
And, thus the seeds are always the same; the story makes its twists and turns in spiral, projecting itself over new points. Therefore, there is no novalty, it is the same seeds but with different clothes.
Fortunate are those who have been attentions the whole time. Those who preceded this way never get deceived. They can see through the costume. They know this game and they can protect themselves without ever being deceived.
These people can perceive the historical implications with its ups and downs, but never ascending as a result of the amazing work done by Nature. It is the Universal Sieve, with the projection from the past through the present, catalysing people's experiences and deciding who will ascend and who will descend. Those who descend will move down in turmoil to the inferior classes, and this time there will be no protocol or trick, no human manouvre to conquer this stage. Nature has changed and is now vibrating with the POWER OF THE POWERS, which is the RATIONAL ENERGY, to conduct everyone and everything to their World of Origin.
It is therefore the end of this fanciful repetition, whose purpose had been solely to polish and prepare humanity for the last phase of life in the matter, the Rational Phase, of the Third Millennium, for the rationalization of the peoples, which means everyone knowing the true world of their Race (which is unique: RATIONAL) and knowing how to return to the true world through the development of the Reasoning, which does not admit any kind of appearance.

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