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segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2012


(Porfirio J. Neves)

In the beginning there was only darkness and no understanding of what, in fact, was unreal, for everything is temporary and perishable. This citation can be applied to every individual or human being.
Can you remember the day you were born? Can you remember the day you left your mother's womb? Nobody can remember that! - at least for a while! Our very first memories, which remain in our mind, start only after some years of life.
You can even see in a video the moment of your birth in the maternity, since it is a common practice among parents these days to videotape the labor or other moments at the earliest days of the new infant. However, you will only be able to recall important events of your life at a certain age.
What do I intend to state here with that? Well, try to understand that I am speaking of the being one feels inside; something that tells us we are individuals and unique.
The individual is the manifestation of this very being! The individual is the place where all our memories are stored and the individuality starts in the intimacy. However we only realize that after some years or months of life.
As evolution advances, we start realizing it earlier and earlier to the point that the new generations of people, who knows, will be able to recall all the details of their labors without the need of a camcorder or the like. Maybe they will also recall the spasms and kicks they caused in their mother's wombs.
Pay attention to that: the individual and the intimacy, individual or individuality, are the same thing, however the intimacy is the way we understand this individual. The intimacy is the place where our memories, our grudges, our love experiences, that is, in the intimacy one finds the first way to understand oneself as individuals or as being in this temporary life of the individual.
In the intimacy is a personality that is exclusive to each individual, in a certain transformation or reincarnation. The intimacy is therefore the first form to understand this being. The intimacy was developed in the first Millennium with the internal relations of each individual.
I should say that the First Millennium, for being a course of millenarian development, was the moment when the individuals left the anterior phase to the prehistorical phase in which the individuals understood each other only through the existence of the intimacy.
The 1st Millennium was about a reality which the individuals needed to use only their intimacy and could not relate to anybody else; they expressed only their inner images, the imagery, because they saw the other and the world, but had no notion of what they saw. And this was millions of years ago.
Nature developed this intimacy with the imagery that were projections from what they saw. The child partakes this notion in the sense that it exists in the world all by itself – it is the phase of “there is no one but me”. In the case of a child, the 1st Millennium symbolizes its first infancy.
From the point of view of these images relations, and trying to understand them, there is a leap in the individual development, and the thought is achieved by the intimacy propelled by Nature itself. - “if I have an intimacy and a similar image of that one I see in front of me, that one who is in front of me has also an intimacy just like me.”
Of course, the word “intimacy” translates only the perception of oneself. In the beginning of the thought, the words were associated with the images. The images development in the 1st Millennium were used to create words at the start of the thought. For this reason the alphabets were made with hieroglyphs.
It starts thus the 2nd Millennium, millions and millions of years in which the individuals start relating to one another; shortly after the perception of the existence of the intimacy.
In the 2nd Millennium, the individuals awakened from their instincts to realize that the others also have an intimacy and started to relate to one another – the intimacy of each individual started relating to the world formed by all the other intimacies.
The 2nd Millennium corresponds to the 2nd infancy of a child, exactly when it starts relating with the other children. This is the Phase of Thought that says: “If I have an intimacy, all the other have one too.”
The Phase of Civilization, whose term to civilize means to understand that the pain one feels is the same all the others feel too, emerges.
Based on this correspondence are all the other civilizations or ways of civilizing. In fact, nobody ever reached Civilization in its full form; there are still doubts to discuss the form and means of educating towards civilizing.
Full civilized means there can be no differences such as these, which we see in the World with so many wars, and commercial interests, forms of destruction, and all kinds of concepts that still disturb the possibilities for a good understanding of what goes on in each other's intimacy, so that the “True Universal Intimacy” can be accessed.
Then, why is it that each nation created a different form of civilization? Certainly, all forms became different according to the vanity inside the individuals and material ambitions.
In the 1st Millennium, there was only the individual who could only realize his own. In the 2nd Millennium, Thought made it possible for each individual to realize that all the others had also their individuality, and together they should search for the means to understand each other and, as a result, Civilization was possible to emerge.
However, Thought together with Imagination devised and articulated a 3rd level of relationship which would be the ultimate relationship with the “Universal Creator”, or, as we understand, with the True Individuality which originated all the other individuals.
What happened in the beginning of the phase of Thought is that an imaginary anticipation of a relationship among the intimacies took place. Thus each people with their tastes and vanities created this Imaginary Being, “The 3rd Relationship” or “The 3rd Millennium without being reached, without which, it would be impossible to civilize all the intimacies of all individuals.
No need to stay longer on this point, by giving examples of confusions created because of this anticipation. Take as examples the Judaism, Islamism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Spiritualism, and finally the Atheism.
Each nation proposed their own formulas for civilizing the intimacies, and always keeping in mind the pretense of relating with the “Supreme Intimacy” that each person started to suppose the existence of God in different ways, and very often not so civilized. Therefore there were religious Wars.
No War is the expression of Civilization. War is ignorance and it only exists because some intimacies of uncertain individuals got delayed in the development of Thought and Imagination, and they never understood the true sense of this word.
Civilizing, I repeat, is to search for a perfect relationship among intimacies based on the understanding between different minds. Civilizing is the primary goal of the 2nd Millennium.
If nobody could ever understand their own existence, how could they know of the existence of anyone else, and could ever connect to “Him”? How come would they be able to relate to one another without ever establishing contact? How would they relate to God, with his Intimacy, if they never knew the Intimacy of the others?
The proof to the fact that nobody has ever related to God is the great confusion that still prevails around the world. Everyone says that God is only one, but each nation preached theirs as the True One.
As we know, all that started with Abraham at the time when the civilizations were very ignorant. How would they understand the existence of an Extra Universal Cosmic Force, invisible, when only Thought and Imagination were working and in a precarious way?
Whence the ambition of the 2nd Millennium to reach the 3rd M. spread throughout the World, but everything got stalled and filled in the imagination of people. Each people created their own symbols to see things their own way to perceive this Universal Supreme Force. However this was never achieved in the 2nd Millennium.
And this 3rd kind of relationship between the intimacies of the infants could only happen when the Nature of the Universal Superior Intimacy conceded such knowledge to the individuals and to the world of the individuals and their existence, not through intimidation and neither through Civilization but through Rationalization.
So the Rationalization is the 3rd Millennium of the infancy of human kind.
Rationalization is to know the World of our true Race and Knowledge; to know how to go back to Him through the development of the Reasoning. And the culture of the 3rd Millennium is the Rational Culture, the Culture of the Rationalization of the people as it had been announced at the time of Abraham.
Now human kind will enter the phase in its full maturity, following its infancy or the 3rd Millennium of the enchanted world, and start knowing the 1st World, the Rational World through the Universal Disenchantment..
Thus in the form of Disenchantment, top down; the 1st Millennium is the Rational World, the 2nd Millennium is the Superior Astral and the 3rd Millennium is the Inferior Astral, and for this reason we had to come to the development of the intimacy in order to know the 1st Millennium of the World's existence, the world of the true individuality, pure, clean and perfect.
However, the in the first one needs to understand, then one can know and finally can connect. And only at a later time one will be able to dematerialize the Energy which was materialized in the form of Reason Machine.
To understand, to know and to connect to the 1st Millennium, one has right here the Culture of the 3rd Millennium, the Rational Culture for the development of the Rational Intimacy that everyone had in their own, which is the authentic, original, the true and sole personality of the being, or individual who wants to be called Human.
All that took a Cabala of 3 Millenniums to find the first, through the development of the Reasoning, passing, then, three other Millenniums in the intimacy, which grew in each person's own. And then in our intimacy we will hold the 7 parts to why we are Three in One – Three-One-Three, Save all and Save Everyone, Rationally.

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