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quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2012


(Porfirio J. Neves)

Today we are going to talk about addiction! However, I feel much more inclined to talk about the addiction which is considered legal, that is, those things which most people do not consider addicting but are already addicted to them without even knowing it.
When I mention addiction, I feel I am unveiling the aspects of the worst thing that is capable of destroying the health and life of whoever make use of it.
We are talking about the addiction of our daily lives, and we want to show that human beings do not need to live under the influences of dreams and illusions.

These are the substances we need to talk about here, the appearances which subjugate the soul, for the thinkers have no courage to face the reality of the animal life, since they never knew their true Rational Origin.
If they knew it, they would find the balm of the reality; they would be able to envisage what their lives were like, what they are like and what their lives will become.
If they really knew their true Origin, they would be surprised to have the knowledge of this positive reality, which is from the Rational World, the inter cosmic world, the interior world, the Rational World – the World of the Worlds.
Knowing their true Origin they would not be dependent on the addiction of the Rational animal, thinker, sufferer and mortal.
The addiction will suffice only to those who are still thinking and imagining, stuck in the Animal Phase; however, once they start getting to know themselves, they manage to set free from this horrible dependence on the addiction.
They get rid of the dreams and illusions, hopes and appearances, which ultimately shorten the existence. As a matter of fact, we get this warning from the Superior Rational in the book Universe in Disenchantment, defining what is addiction for those who still live in the phase of thought, as it follows:
(H-20 p.94) “You were impaired by illusions, impaired by fantasies, impaired by appearances, impaired by dreams and hopes, keeping life with all this addiction. Fantasies are addicting; illusions are addicting; hopes are addicting; dreams are addicting; everyone is addicted to the appearances. For being made up, appearances are the reasons why everything passes by; everything perishes; everyone suffers. This is the life made all by these dilapidating aspects that has maintained the suffering among people.”
Why, then, people insist on living this life of dreams, fantasies, hopes and illusions, by getting addicted to them? Because many are living a life depleted of the truth, which they have been in search of and never found.
This is the cause to the existence of so much addiction. And we can add to that the licit or illicit addiction. It is the disillusion that human kind attained for not being able to find the truth.
The disillusion of never finding the truth produces a void in the self and it always comes along with the following question:( H-020 p-60) “Who are you – World– that never tells me about yourself, about myself and why I am this way?
-“You never tell what you are, why you exist and why we're all here?”
-“Who are you, World, that never tells me the reason of life, its cause and origin?”
-“Who are you, World, that never talks to anybody?”
-“Who are you, World, that keeps all to yourself, the lives and creations?”
-“Who are you, World, that never tells why you are this way and your creations are that way?”
- “Who are you, World, that never tells what we are and why we are.”
- “Who are you, World, that keeps the dreams and illusions?”
- “Who are you, World, that keeps all the anguish in everybody?”
- “Who are you, World, that keeps the void in everybody?”
- “Who are you, World, that never tells why you are this way?”
- “Who are you, World, that nobody knows from where you came and to where you're going?”
Today the World has come up with the answer to the question: “Who are you, that the illusion is such that you are incapable of defining your being”. It is in your hands, the explanation of who you are and what the World and Nature are.
From where you came and to where you are going. You will find all the answers to your questions about the World and about Nature.
- “Who are you, Nature, that nobody could ever know the reason of your existence?”
So, you all asked these questions to the World, however in the condition of deformed beings, you could never find the answer.
The World ruled by the human thought was deformed and the thinkers never knew that this World is a Rational deformation.
Only the Rational World had all the answers, our World of Origin, The Rational World. This is the World from where the Rational Deformation stems. Only the true Origin could give the answers with basis and logic.
And where is the basis and logic of it all? The answer comes from the Superior Rational:”(H-24 p. 106) “So can't you see that the Supreme Power would never do everyone so imperfect? The Supreme Power made everyone pure, clean and perfect. Life is this way in the Rational World, from where you all come. If you are this way, it is because you deliberated to be like that by your own free will, when you entered the part of the plain which was not yet ready for development and progress.
The basis is the Rational World and the logic is the transformation of this part of the plains that was not ready for being in progress; some inhabitants of the Rational World entered that part and started to progress by their own free will.
Thus we acknowledge that the World is consequence of its own inhabitants and we do not have to be involved with the idea that God created the World.
This is our heavy addiction: Did God create the World? God created the man and the woman. So does that mean that God also created the pain and suffering?
Now in the Rational Phase comes the answer with basis: God, the Supreme Power made only pure, clean and perfect beings. If we were made this way, it is because we made ourselves this way. The World is the consequence of its own inhabitants.
The logic of the World could be translated in the following way: If we were able to make our way into this part of the plain, which was pure, clean and perfect, into this ground of suffering and pain, then we should be held responsible for the damage made and repair our mistakes. This is the real logic of life.
Now it is time we left all the addiction behind. Let's stop living without basis and logic. The basis of our existence is the true God, The Rational World. The logic of our existence is the use of free will, which unleashed the process of transformation of the World.
This is the true logic of our lives. Is the World bad? It is so because of us! We transformed and are still transforming. It is time we stopped it all blaming on God.
Let's stop living without basis, because living without basis is to live without God, and inevitably, the fall into disillusion will happen. The drug users fall into disillusion to forget and assuage their suffering. What one needs is awareness.
So much suffering around the World! So much drug addiction which became necessary to assuage the suffering! That is the logic: the fault is for transforming the World from its natural state, and you did that by your own free will.
However, the Superior Rational, the Rational World and the Nature, the Supreme Power of life has been guiding all those who want to set free from this addiction. These people saw through the logic of the transformations the true basis of everything and everyone. The basis of the origin of the World and its creation, or better, the basis of the World and its creations.
Who were transformed? The inhabitants, who are all here suffering the consequences of what they did to themselves. It is time we stopped offending the Divine Intelligence with these stories that God made the World and put us here to suffer or be punished. No more addiction!
We should know ourselves and develop the Reasoning! We have to reason, which is in our own rights conferred by God to all creature that will be free one day.
Developing the Reason is mandatory to acquire the true basis, so that they can liberate from themselves. No more thoughts. The thought addicts, weakens and upsets; the Reasoning enlightens, strengthens one's own and bring everyone back to the natural state of pure, clean and perfect as if God really made us this way.
The true salvation of human kind is now in the Rational Phase; no one needs to be on addiction, afraid of the reality, because the Rational Phase no longer holds disillusions but only the Truth of the Truths.
So, now that you know how you can save human kind, you need to go out there and take this knowledge to everyone for their salvation. You can do it in several ways, through the Media – spoken or written. What is unacceptable is to waste time.
Read the book Universe in Disenchantment and spread this knowledge of our reality, without addictions, the New Phase of Nature, the Rational Phase.

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