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quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2012


For reality being what it is, everyone needs to be dilapidated to awaken for the real life, which is not the material one.
The material life is evil! It is so evil that nothing and nobody compares to it.
Nothing and no one is alike, because it is the deformation of the natural state, the real being. Then, the dilapidation is an evil that becomes good, for it exhausts the deformed part of everything and everyone until it reaches the essence, where everything and everyone are equal: pure, clean, perfect, without defects, and consequently , eternal – RATIONAL!
For being different, each one needs a form of different dilapidation so that they can be conducted to their natural destination.
This is the reason why there have been so many cultural segments, which should be considered exactly the way they are: temporary tools for diminishing rudeness, ignorance and viciousness.
However, a huge mass of human kind is still unaware of their self knowledge (see the general madness in society) for not knowing from where they came and to where they are going; they lost total notion of their Origin, of the truth, and are now holding to the means of dilapidation as if that was the real point of reference.
Hence, the fanaticism is generated in the people when they close themselves to other transitory means of dilapidation, precluding their own evolution, delaying the conclusions of their suffering, which lies at the end of the road, that is , the beginning of the Rational Knowledge of life – the truth of everything and everybody.
This fanaticism sustained on the transitory means, created by the deformed Nature, besides keeping everyone at bay, it promotes the misunderstanding, the separation, the quarrels, the conflicts, the wars and the slaughtering of people.
Fanaticism is so monstrous, a real cancer, the unspeakable atrocity, which keeps people destroying one another because of ideas, dreams, fantasies and their convictions.
Despite the horrors and their vicious acts they cannot set themselves free from such deceptions.
What is happening then? It is the magnetism playing its role! The focus of obsessions; sheer evil dominating all those who never got to know themselves through the development of the reasoning.
However, nothing is completely lost! Nobody but Nature can save man! For God is Nature and Nature is God.
That is why, in 1935 there was the change of Nature's Phase that promulgated the end of civilization for the Rational Animal, and everything started changing gradually for everyone’s sake, under the regency of the Rational Energy - The energy of the Real God.
God is the Supreme Reasoning and the Superior Energy to all the others! He is the Rational Superior to everything and everyone, and he is providing the restoration of everything and everyone, very naturally, without anyone realizing that!
He is not hasty, for the haste is for those who are late! It is God, it is the Superior Rational, the Truth of the Truths. The end of magnetism over the human beings have been sentenced.
However, this benefit is for those who are detaching from their ideas and convictions which divide and cause separation.
God will not coerce the liberty of anybody. He awaits patiently for the awakening of each individual, even though many will awaken too late, and will have to go through the chain of natural transformations leading ultimately up to the inferior classes as those of the irrationals, quadrupeds and bipeds; they will have to pay for the price they put for their ideas, dreams, fantasies, illusions and convictions which divide and promote the quarrels among people.
Why will they transform? Nothing is lost, nothing can be created, things change from one life to the next and one class to another.
Living a dissonant life, one will go down to the inferior classes. Living a life in harmony, one will go up to the eternal life.
But the will is free! And nothing upstages the freewill, which is the superior reason! Fanaticism charged a high price; it is an energy to terminate life, and it was created by thought. If all this
moral, financial and physical liquidation is to be seen around, it is due to the energy of fanaticism ruling over the masses.
It is necessary to stop thinking negatively, only then, we will be able to see the world as a unity and be able to develop the feeling of gratitude, solidarity and understanding.
It is necessary to reason! Then we will be able to set ourselves free from the material fanaticism (the evil of the matter), and unite with our true world of origin and our real brothers, for everything is RATIONAL! The thinkers are fanatic for the matter, despite all the torments it brings to one's life.
Fanatic is the person who likes destruction. This is the reason why the thinkers suffer beyond their limits for adopting the fanaticism, the evil of life! It is time you searched for the understanding of your true nature, thus, you will understand all the others by reading the books of Universe in Disenchantment.
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zil disse...

Os caminhos da vida, nos leva a segmentos fanaticos.
E QUE LEVA A ESGOTAR A PARTE RUIM DE TODos ATÉ atingir a essência pura, perfeita e consequentemente a ETERNA.
E que somos ferramentas TEMPORARIAS nos focos das obsessões de quem não se conhece.
E nem a ENERGIA DO DEUS REAL( profundo) agradecida pela oportunidade de faer este comentário extraido do seu texto.