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segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2012


(Porfirio J. Neves)

I want to start this subject with a question. Why do men have different creeds, when all of them preach and know that there is only one God?
The fundamental answer to this thought has been put forward for your appreciation. We don't intend to answer questions which have never been made or responded, really. Our purpose is to spread the idea that all these answers can be found – and reality shows that they have been found – in Rational Culture.
And, as our understanding develops, we issue some of our opinions based on what we have learned in Rational Culture. Well, reporting an answer that we have found is one thing; however finding that answer that is in pair with your own development is the most convenient. Therefore, the opinion we will issue here is to clarify, but it should be in accordance to the study based on the book Universe in Disenchantment for the authentic Rational preparation for the salvation of human kind, proving that life has solution. The disenchantment is the solution!
Universe in Disenchantment! This one is okay! It has all the answers and brings up new questions which make life as a whole vibrate in the right sense to our World of Origin, the Rational World, through the development of the reasoning! Then, why is it that men have different creeds, if they know and preach that there is only one God?
Would it be that God made his introduction to men simply to let them know that they were supposed to believe in him, pray and worship his eternal glory and divine grace?
And the most important thing that human kind needed to know from God ,which is who we are, from where we come and to where we are going, no one has ever told them. Why has God never told them that? Through the sacred scriptures, no one has ever had a glimpse of a word from God telling men from where they come and to where they are going. Or would it be that no one never realized that answer? Why would God leave everything shrouded in mysteries? Why so many riddles? Why not unveiling Nature's phenomena and tell men and women the truth? Why would this knowledge have to come only through others to assert his words? It is said that he even offered his son to save us.
We are not here to underestimate the merits of what is called the sacred and neither to invalidate all that has happened during the course of the human history. It is not our purpose to say everything is wrong. But quite the opposite, we understand rationally that we are here to tell that everything is right and that the vain philosophy of men went as far as it could, putting man at a sacred and divine level. We should fight that off in ourselves!
The fact that we have a divine Origin doesn't allow us to keep divine in the matter, for God in the matter is Lucifer. Appearances have been the great cause of all confusion between men and women for judging themselves divine beings, some wanting to be better than the others. There was even a time when they entitled themselves as having “blue blood”, trying to command one another, killing one another to prevail with their values and judgments which they considered sacred.
Contradiction and arrogance coined their deeds, which were against themselves and the others. So many empires have come to an end! This is just a way to illustrate this aspect of man promoting himself a divine being, and see how the western people treat the eastern religions and vice-verse. There is this confusion among people persisting to these days in the Third Millennium.
The Greek Mythology offers us another example of what is to see in these days. The contradiction between the West and East can be seen in our suburbs and in our surroundings, that is, people who use God to make their opinions prevail over the others'. And, then, by trying to profit over one another, they have expanded their religious prejudices, and poor people, they haven't yet noticed the time they have wasted on that.
Thus everything that has happened had their piece of importance in the appeasing of human kind who used to be a lot more ignorant in those ancient times of our history. True human beasts, monsters, capable of eating one another!
At this point the “divine inspiration”got to men through spiritual channeling, warning about the human divine essence which should be cultivated, the true divine spirit that lives in ourselves, and they leave behind our material composition. Today with the advent of Rational Culture we are able to understand that all these inspirations elevated to “spell God's words” were of authentic importance.
You have to realize the following: inspirations came from the Spiritual world, given by the spirits to rescue human kind. It was the perverted and arrogant man who corrupted these messages, making each different group of people cultivate the truth in their own way, despite the fact that the messages themselves were authentic.
The divine messages were right, but the imprudence of man drifted mankind from their route. For this reason there is war among the peoples of the world divided by religious convictions; they imposed their own views and conveniences in the way they treat the divine messages. Priests and Priestesses changed the truth according to their own points of view; they searched for their ways to control the others presenting texts they called sacred. So many versions of the truth, which makes no sense at all and people being manipulated and misconducted by these demigods, created by the human mind
The messages were inspired from above, and they were real, obeying the level of comprehension that people attained in that phase, however man changed it – for shame – recreating a notion of himself totally different from what was said.
The word said,” Dust thou art and to dust thou shalt return ”, showing the insignificance of the material life. Man got ashamed of that and created the appearances, so that his deplored state wouldn't be so highlighted! Man set up castles, empires in the name of God, but soon proved unreal by the divine message.
The shame before the word of God is in such way that Adam and Eve are seen with the leaf covering their sexual parts and thus the human vanity was born.

They were all told about the preparation they would have to go through, of great preparations until they were able to understand they have to go back to the origin.
Nobody ever knew from where they came! They were told they came from dust but the truth is that everyone came from the water. The water contains the seeds of all lives: the so called water drops, the semen common to the vegetables, animals and minerals.
The water is the basis of everyone's life. The dust comprises the constitution melt in the water and which makes one drop of water different from one another. There is just one water, however, the beings are all different because the seeds are different from one another within their own class of life, which is the merit of each living being.
All that is explained in Rational Culture, because it is a knowledge that come from above to below without being filtered by priests or priestesses. In Rational Culture there are not of these fakes.
The 3rd Millennium's messages is in truth the history of human kind's true Origin. It is not a message from the Spiritual World. That is the difference. Rational Culture is in fact a communication to all Rational Receivers (humans) made by Nature. This is the reason why those who still behave as animals have problems understanding Rational Culture.
Naturally the creeds extracted by the mind of men were necessary, however, only Rational
Culture can inform and clarify the truth we have been searching. In Rational Culture there are no versions or counter versions, for it is not interpreted! It comes from above and it is not given by third parts.
We can affirm, without despising other creeds, that the existence of God has been proved in Rational Culture. It has been proved that God is on earth, he introduced himself to human kind by proving his true identity through the knowledge of Eternal Salvation! God is here to conduct the knowledge which everyone needs to change from the material world to our true world of Origin – the Rational World.
“This knowledge brings in the messenger of the Author, The Superior Rational, to do whatever is needed for the reader.”Everyone will see the Rational Light in their own homes and , without constraints and very naturally, will be attended in their homes.”
That is the point of differences: creeds are from below to above, whereas Rational Culture is from above to below, with the messengers. The difference doesn't translate any notion of being better, for everyone is still made of “dust”. Everyone will be reborn from the water in which they were melt, by their own choice, however this will happen under the supervision of the greatest being in the Universe – the Rational Immunization! It is now clear that God's religion is Culture, Rational Culture, because God is Rational.
And the religions are creeds of whoever hasn't gotten to know the truth yet, but were being dilapidated to reach this knowledge. You should develop your Rational Reasoning and leave behind those who tend to say that life developed from below to above. The return is not from below to above- what is below belongs to the ground what belongs to above is the inhabitant of the Rational World, materialized in form of the Reasoning Machine (the pineal Gland). Below is dust mixed with water.
Develop your reasoning and stop fooling around. It is the Superior Rational who conducts and not the priests or priestesses. It is the natural of Nature. The phase is Rational. Read Universe n disenchantment.

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