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sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012


(Dênison da Silva Netto)

The cause of violence, wars, slaughtering, criminality, all kinds of wrongdoings, torture, terrorism, gratuitous misunderstanding, pronounced killings, artificial catastrophes, natural phenomena which get everyone in panic, astonished; all this is consequence of a natural change which took place in 1935. But humanity didn't realize that!

The Phase of Thought and Imagination is over and Nature stopped supplying humanity with the natural fuel of thought and imagination.

People receive in their minds images, which they believe to be true, but it doesn't suffice to help them solve their daily problems. They try everything they can to improve and help; in spite of all that, they can't do anything at all, because the foundations of thought and imagination ruined. And, as a result, the true feelings of fraternity, through the guidance of thought, no longer exist, it is a real waste of time, for the thought failed and won't offer balance to whoever needs it.

On account of this need, disastrous events are to be seen everywhere everyday. Why? Since October 04,1935 the 3rd Millennium has started for the Universal Rationalization of the People. And from this point on, everyone's thought is getting weaker and weaker.

The majority of people don't even realize that, for everyone lives in an artificial way, which is apparent and illusory, keeping everyone locked in the Enchantment, in the fantasies that make them apathetic to what is happening in and outside themselves and with everyone else due to the weakening of thought.

Thought has completely weathered. Those who the weathered thought has reached cannot feel the atrocities, the madness they commit, because they have lost the sense of humanity, they don't realize the evil they do to their similars and to themselves, surrendering completely to drinking habits and use of chemical substances, the mundane life and theft.

Such hideous crimes that show in a clear and obvious way that human kind is totally out of control.

Even those who have high degree of instruction, who are in charge of making important decisions under the law and justice, are resenting the lack of natural nurturing of thought. As a consequence, they have been taking wrong and absurd decisions against everyone.

All that has been going on in general. Take the Judges, for example, who under the command of a weathered thought are condemning innocent people.

Similar situation is seen involving the mishandling of animals, victims of people whose thought weathered. Then, there are places where animals are slaughtered and mistreated instead of looking for appropriate solutions to the problem.

There is no feeling of humanity! Thought is weathered and over. In Medicine, today, there are so many mistakes destroying precious lives! My mother was a victim of a clinical mistake – indeed very hideous and disgusting on the part of the doctor who signed her in hospital, and the nurses who followed the instructions given by the doctor.

I just came to all these conclusions when I started studying Rational Culture. I realized that we are victims of the change of a phase, and as a consequence of that, the doctor and those nurses were also victims of the weathered thought and feelings.

For this reason Rational Culture brings peace, by providing the knowledge of the real cause to everything, and once we know the cause, we can deal with the effects.

In Rational Culture there are no revolts, no grudges, no resentment. There is only understanding and comprehension. Greed, ambition, vanity, pride, jealousy, arrogance, all that is consequence of a misguided thought into our material values and not the human ones.

The misguided thought culminated with total unbalance and cruelty and it weathered. The matter assumed a value that has never had before. Life was thrown away. The world is going through this deranged state for not knowing what is making it a victim of fallacies.

The solution to that is to reunite with Nature, get harmonized, in its new phase, that is, the phase of the development of the reasoning. This development can only be attained through the study of Rational Culture, which will sustain us in this new phase, so that our thought can be restored by the natural, and it will be able to preclude this monstrous weathering.

Why? Because it is the real study of Nature, about the real state which existed before everything, what it was like, and how it came down to that situation through the degeneration and deformation of Nature, caused by the unlimited abuse of the will and its total mishandle. By Knowing the causes, we can fight the effects, for there is no effect without cause and whoever lives without knowing the causes cannot win over evil. Check all these evidences in the books of Universe in Disenchantment.

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