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segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2012


In a world full of daily atrocities and monstrosities, we witness a high number of people with good sense as far as the nobility of the heart goes.

Many of these people are religious and others aren't, which just accounts for the fact that what people are have nothing to do with their doctrines or belief-system.

How come? Because if these doctrines had the power to ennoble the hearts, the world would have reached an apotheosis of concordance and been culturally enriched. However, it never happened that way. So what makes people, who are under the same cultural influence, act so differently?

There is the “C” group of people, who assess the system and gives material value to the others, according to their own conveniences; the “B” group of people rebel against the system, acting with verbal violence, and some of them even fight for controlling the others; the minority is the “A” group, that is, people who are very caring and act in a completely different way to the “B” and “C” groups. These people prime for the best for everybody and themselves. They are aware of their impotence and submission before God, who is really in charge of judging, correcting and saving. They have Nature as the polisher of humanity, and they tend to get on the Rational Line regardless their own philosophical, religious or scientific concepts.

They always act with respect and humility. They take all that is good for themselves in terms of learning, and they are not so attained on the doctrines. And why are they like that? Because of their detachment to the material things, which prevents them from being involved with the matter.

Then, the inevitable question comes up? “Are they faithful to God?” And I have to answer with a “No”! The word “Faith” is not sufficient to justify these people's attitude. I would replace the word “Faith” by “Love”. And Why? Because the materialistic people are still materialistic, even-though they have a lot of faith. We listen to phrases such as, “I have faith I will win the lottery”. This is one example among so many out there! Faith is to believe without knowing. The materialistic people believe in the matter but have no clue of what it is in fact. If they knew they would stop being materialistic.

Phrases such as, “Be faithful, you will get what you want!” are in the order of the day, and 99% of them is uttered by materialistic people. Fact is they have forgotten that one must love God UNCONDITIONALLY, for only then one is loving the next like oneself and doing good to whomever it is. This one is sure to receive all the best from the Divine Providence. Doing what is needed to help the other is pre-requisite to live or not in peace.

Faith is a deceptive word. Dream is another dangerous word that has nothing to do with God's children. Whoever acknowledged the SUPREME POWER TO EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, that is God , do not have any kind of dream, because he or she has achieved all that is needed in life. Therefore those, who are still dreaming, have a long way to get to God – God is over the matter.

The materialistic people who live for greed and ambition are never pleased with what they have. It doesn't matter how much they receive from God and Nature, they are always dreaming about something else, which they think or imagine is below their merits.

The dreamers in general are pretentious and arrogant, unquenchable and selfish. They cannot see that there billions of people in this world, and whatever they want in this life will be lacking for the others.

They are terrifying dominators for thinking of themselves better than the others. They believe that the others have to be below their interests and desires. They feel they own things and people, and thus their reason to be jealous.

This is the deception of the Religions and Doctrines that never recognized the reality of the Divine Power, and always based their rituals on paganism, in which the accumulation of the material wealth was the most important thing. For not searching for the real Knowledge of God, these people attained to their Faith only, and forgot that the matter is nothing. They lost their real connection to God, for it would be only possible through Love and the detachment from the matter.

They have never been able to experience this state of mind, and, for this reason, they have always lived on the matter and for the matter. They lived on dreams and appearances. They thought they would find Paradise in the matter, but ended up living in hell, for grabbing to the filthy concepts that they would go straight to heaven after finishing this life.

This is the price we pay for not knowing ourselves. Those who know themselves are convict and aware that they are God's children and, thus, they don't need anything else; they won't neither look for God in Temples where he is said to be found.”

If God has a temple or house, what about the houses we livi in? To whom belong them, if not to God? Just to see that those minds do not recognize God as the absolute Lord of everyone and everything. He is everywhere, including in our homes! He sees everyone from outside and inside. He is the Superior Rational to all the Rationals that are materialized there as human beings and living like Rational Animals! And, for this reason, people fight one against another; everyone is animal, which means, animated by “Mal” evil. But what Evil?

The Unconsciousness which results in the lack of knowledge and the true recognition of God, the Eternal and Only Father of everything and everyone. Thus the detachment is the beginning of this wonderful journey to meet with God, the Rational Encounter. God is Rational, not animal. The reason to all world unbalance is not recognizing what the matter is, neither recognizing what we truly are, from where we came and to where we are going. For this reason we got dominated by Evil, which is the matter.

We have been fanatic and blinded by Faith and Dreams, the greatest villains of the artificial culture, sustained by hope which is the last to die. So in this context only the “A” group of people can be considered free from these fallacies and deceptions. Make sure you learn all that in the Rational Culture through the reading of the Books Universe in Disenchantment.

Note: I found so interesting that after finishing with this article, I noticed that the 3 letters Groups (A, B and C) can be the initials to the following words – A as in Amicable, B as in Bully and C

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