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terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2012


(Porfirio J. Neves)

Everything that we describe through words is ambiguous. There is always the other side of things. That is Nature. It is the Electric and the Magnetic; the Right and the Left; The Superior and the Inferior. This dual formation makes everything ambiguous; everything has double sense.
Hence the concept and prejudice: what is defined and what is pre-defined; what is necessary and what is unnecessary.

For instance, what is your concept of Enchantment and Disenchantment? Or What is you prejudice? I am not getting into the analysis of the possibilities, because I would have to consider the answers of who knows and who does not know what Enchantment is. Let's not forget, though, that knowing is not acknowledging. One thing is when you know something, another thing is when you feel something.

However, those who know what Disenchantment is sees it as the final conclusion, and those who does not know any of this has the prejudice to judge it as disillusion.

Those who do not know the Reality are totally deceived by their own prejudices.

This is a small introduction to clarify that the concept of Reincarnation, which had been handed down to us by the Spiritual World in a indoctrinating fashion ,was very important so that we could access the knowledge of transformations. However we never got any further than that, and everything got limited in the scope of prejudices.

Why did Reincarnation get circumscribed by the prejudice? As a matter of fact, not only this but all became prejudice in the life of the Rational Animal. In Sciences, Philosophy and Religions. Why did everything became Prejudice? Because in fact nobody ever knew anything real.

Think about our Origin. We knew there was another World which gave birth to this very one, for there is no effect without cause! We knew that but we could not access this World.

This was alone the greatest of man's sufferings: to know! Because he only knew that, but could never touch it, everything got limited to hope and faith. I know that God exists but how can I connect to Him?

Today, after the advent of the Universal Disenchantment in the Phase of the 3rd Millennium, we can connect to Him through the Rational Culture; this is the goal of the Rational Culture.

Now you can see that having access to Him is one thing, but connecting to Him is quite another!

We want you to understand that it is all a matter of concepts. We can even feel things without translating them into words. The words, therefore, are dispensable in this case, although they attain their importance to define the concepts. Whenever we hold an authentic feeling, we tend to say there are no words to describe it.

Nothing is lost; nothing can be created; everything is transformed!
Some doctrines state that the spirits couldn't have been created and neither the materialized spirits; they all have eternal life. Other doctrines state that the spirits were created without any culture and very ignorant, in order to learn and improve their state.

Whatever is the case, all these truths can be contemplated under the point of view of the transformations.

Incarnation or Pre-Incarnation can be understood in the context of transformation. Each cycle of life, called Incarnation, can also be considered in terms of life in transformation.

Thus the Rational Animal is an Incarnation of the Reasoning or a transformation of the Reasoning. What are the laws of these transformations then?

(H-26 p-52)
“The transformations cause the pollution. Everything that transformations gets weaker. The weakening is caused by the process of transformation. And it will go like this up to the total extinction of the class of the Rational Animal. By extinction there would happen the transformation of, yet, another class of animal, which is the irrational.

No body is finished at once. Everything follows the transformation of the energy. Everything is deformed energy, deforming and transforming.”

No body will be finished at once! This is the greatest concept that the Superior Rational impart to us. No body of life will finish at once. And he clarifies: “Apparently it finishes in that life with the end of that life in the body, however there is no extinction ( it is the same as assuming there is no death). It seems that it got extinguished but it did not. It goes down a chain of transformation to the inferior classes. In the same way, the Rationals came down transforming and loosing their virtues until they found complete extinction.”

In this sense, the Superior Rational clarifies that the true life also got extinguished and transformed into all these different categories with their classes and what the Rational Animal did not know was the Categories of Life.

Then, all these categories, whose knowledge we are still reaching, stem from the true Origin of the Human Kind. It is what we were before we became animals and that no philosopher, no religious person and scientist ever knew about. As thinkers you could never get to this point, because the Thought emanated from what was left of the Plain that transformed. Read the Book Universe in Disenchantment and you will understand it better.

The Pain, the Inhabitants, the Cosmic Life and the Degenerated Life. Thus we can summarize the categories into 3 aspects derived from the Inhabitants of the Rational World, who were pure, clean and perfect with their cosmic mass of energy.

The first aspect is this: the Rationals were in extinction, and gave cause to the deformed Category of deformed beings, which composes two classes: the rational animals and the irrational animals.

The second aspect is this: the Inhabitants that got in extinction, but did not reach the bottom, caused the formation of the Inhabitants of the Inferior Astral, like a battery that lost its charge and got filled in with another energy. Their bodies suffered changes and adaptations to form the Stars and the Spirits of the Inferior Astral.

The 3rd aspect. The Inhabitants that never got so far to the point of extinguishing, because they interrupted their progress, formed the Superior Astral or the field of Mediating Eternal Life. Observe that the Superior Astral is not Spirits. They are Inhabitants of the Rational World, slightly deformed who lost a few virtues. If you think it is hard to conceive this reality through our mind, imagine conceiving the existence of the Rational Beings. And very hardly can we conceive the life of the Spirits.

All we know is about the World of the Inferior Astral with its Inhabitants who are the spirits and our animal Life. The Spirits who got their bodies deformed connected to the Electric and Magnetic, and the animals whose original bodies got into extinction over the Jelly like mass that turned into Water, and the Resin that turned into Earth. They constituted this field with these micro-organisms that unleashed the formation of live.

The spirits did not transform, therefore, the notion that we had spirit inside the body is totally wrong. We did not know about the categories of life, which we were in as a consequence of our own actions. That is what the elevated Spirits always tried to tell us; life got divided in two categories, and they could realize that. The elevated Spirits were confounded with the Inhabitants of the Superior Astral.

It turns out that even the Spirits do not belong to the Superior Astral. In the Superior Astral there are Inhabitants who got slightly deformed Occupants of the Mediating class. Now the term Reincarnation, which we learned through diverse doctrines, needs to be well understood in the light of the Rational Knowledge. Having spirit inside the body would be to assume that two beings can occupy the same place in space: the body of the animal and the body of the spirit. Two bodies, two lives in one body? That is not possible.

There is the magnetization between the bodies of the Inferior Astral, hence all these irradiation and Communication – the Spirits with their eternal bodies but electric and magnetic (remember the battery with the new energy). Then, the Spirits created all this Doctrine for the betterment of the Rational Energy.

We are two in one in this category of the material life, for the following reason: the Rational Plain transformed into two parts: the “I” and the “you”. The Jelly part and the Resin as stated in the Bible are the Adam and Eve. Two aspects created from the Cosmic Mass of Energy. And, because that part was not ready to get in progress, it transformed from its natural state into the origin of this Nature – this immense organism or fluidized setting, where bodies of life multiply until extinction.

That is the Reason why everything is extinguishing, because the World is originated from two Extinctions: the Extinction of the Rational Beings and the Extinction of the Plain that divided in two.

Therefore the True Spirit of the Human Being is in the Supreme Ego, the Reasoning, which is the Eternal life, which manifests itself in three cycles: the eternal life, the eternal degenerated life and the eternal degenerated life in extinction, which devolves to the inferior classes.

Who are you (the “I” and the “You” from the Plain) that the illusion is so great that you feel incapable of defining your “I” (the Supreme Ego)
So that is how the Rational Culture started in 1935, in the Spiritual House “São Franscisco de Assis”, through the spokesperson of the Rational World – the Grand Master, who explains and proves that the Rational Culture is the continuation of the whole human knowledge in favor of everything and everyone, because everyone comes from the same Origin: the Inhabitants of the Superior Astral; the Inhabitants of the Inferior Astral and the Materialized Inhabitants in the form of Reasoning Machines. All of you belong to the same Origin that deformed in different Categories and Classes of Life.

Everything is in transformation: each category with its own level of transformation. In the Category of animal in constant renovation to be able to go back to the Original Life, the Original State of Rational Beings in the Rational World, with their bodies of Cosmic Energy. The book Universe in Disenchantment reveals the history of these transformations and how the recuperation of the Rational animal will happen. It is the end of all these experiences, the end of Spiritualism. This is the phase of the Rational Life, of the true Human Nature. Read the Books Universe in Disenchantment.

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