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quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012


(Dênison da Silva Netto)

"There you will find the End of the Enchantment, after reading the book Universe in Disenchantment"; two words that express in the simplest form, a very detailed translation than what the clean, crystal and faithful junction means, and it symbolizes the gathering of the Values Principles, which has long been forgotten and even dishonored by the progress of the artificial devolution, and also the unsurmountable Universal Consecration by the Balanced Adjustment through the encounter of the Human Being with Himself; all that is only possible through a transcendental Knowledge that is beyond this perishable inhabit.
Thus we develop a profound reflexion over the Genesis of the whole Cosmic and Material Conjuncture and its evolving process from the per-existence of everything: what it was, how it was and how it came down to this point through endless changes and shifts of the Natural Phases in Nature.
Universe means: "Union", Uniting everything and everyone in favor of the Encounter with the True Identity , because we were all born here and spent our whole life seeking for clarifications, and answers that could provide coherent proves with basis and logic , and for this reason, we live on endless Researches.
Each group of people or Nation have created their own vision of God, and the World, creating in this sense all these philosophy and creeds, which in a certain way comprised the same values of Peace, Harmony and Union; everyone of us knows that with the strengthening of the force of the Union and Peace there is an emasculation of the knowledge. In general their purpose is to unite all the people and set them on the right direction, which is the way to the Natural ,so that they will be able to know the origin, cause and effect of this material terrestrial plain.
Disenchantment means: Freedom, the Abolition of our Slavering, which has kept us under the illusory Spell laid upon us by the Artifice. It is the demise of the Hypnotic Trance, under which we were all powerless, because the Human Kind lives in an artificial way, enchanted by the apparent Marvels, the fantasies, the dreams and the illusions.
The Human Kind could only sport the glamour, the pride and presumption, alluding themselves with the material Wealth, and falling prey to the dilapidation of their own Species. However, only through this dilapidation they would mature and see what is right and wrong.
Disenchantment means: the Prime Consolidation of the Human Rights. It is the true Happiness, for it the freedom, and now the people won't live under suggestion and illusions, and they will be able to embrace the lost balance, which is the same as finding Salvation, and rescuing this sinking boat .
Now everyone is capable to realize all that and they know exactly what to do. When they lived connected to the Artifice they forgot that only the Natural contains all that they need. There is only good in what is natural: the moral, physical and financial stability. The Disenchantment is the Light of the Awake, the peaceful light, the light of love and the light that is awakening everyone to their true Universal Reality that we are all brothers and sisters by the Origin, the Rational Origin, our true Natural, and that we are worthy of this dignifying Prize: Our connection to the True Natural.
Universe in Disenchantment, therefore, means: the Union of Everyone in one Verse, in the sense of the evolution to the Truth, the conscious and positive Triumph of the Human Kind.
The Reason is the Natural, the Truth is the Natural . The Lie fall rotten to the ground and turn into ashes. It prevails only while the Truth is not yet there. Once the Truth arrives, the Lie simply disappears and goes back to its true state of non-existence.
The Human kind have lived alluded, enchanted by the fantasies and distractions; all that has never gone further, for after realizing that they never got anywhere, the Human kind saw the waste of time in their lives.
The pain and doubts only grow, and instead of making headway, they only go backwards. I say that in the sense of the values. People don't respect one another as they did before. They always lived one against the other for being disconnected from the true Natural.
However once they get to know the true Natural, they start living better and more happily. Disenchantment also means: happiness, for when one gets to know the true Natural, one gets in contact with the true Love. The real Peace is achieved, the true Natural and, only then, the so called Peace and Love will shine again. Do good to whoever you can regardless of whomever it is, attaining to the real Fraternity and Solidarity.
Avoid bearing second Intentions. The true Solidarity is unconditional. Universe in Disenchantment is the title of the True Redemption. The Human Kind will set free from the chains of the electric and magnetic Fire - energies that command this horrible and terrifying Scenario of "Save yourself and fuck the Rest" Universe in Disenchantment is the only way the Human Kind will inevitably come to its ultimate Encounter with the Eternal World through the unveiling of the Disenchantment and the end of the Mysteries, Riddles and Phenomena.
All that laid their Spell over the Human Kind, but now the longed and expected progress of Concordance and positive Consciousness are universal. This is the Real Conscious Line. Through the true Rationalization of the Human Kind, who is crying in despair, the pain and suffering will come to an end. There you will find the "Universe of Disenchantment."

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