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sexta-feira, 2 de março de 2012


(Juliana Barros)

I don’t know how much you have fathomed in the Study of Rational Culture, however we would be glad to give you some tips about some of the characteristics of the Works of Universe in Disenchantment.
The language and narration are not very common, for the author is not linear. He will start with a specific subject, but at a later moment he will change the narration to go back and continue over that point in posterior excerpts. Some words will eventually be repeated.
On top of that, new significations will be imparted to some words, expanding the concepts and, many times, using terms, apparently rough to answer profound questions such as the Origin of the Universe. Some people, after being faced up with that, will judge Universe in Disenchantment as an under rated Literary Work. Most of the time, they cannot even consider it as such.
Actually, they are right but to some extent only, for the book Universe in Disenchantment is not a Literary Work. It aims ultimately at presenting ideas and not entertaining.
The book was written with the aim of connecting the Self with its True Cosmos and Nature. It is through this apparent “Dilexed Narrative” that our Pineal Gland is stimulated, improving the aspects of our intellect and emotions. That is what the Superior Rational calls “Developing the Reasoning”.
Something so great like that needs to be accessible to the Masses, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, how can one tune with so many culturally diverse people through this book only?
How can this book bring the Illiterate and the Academic people, Atheists, Catholics, Spiritualists, Evangelic and Muslims to the same point of comprehension?
Despite the fact that the metaphysical concepts of the Human Kind are unique and universal, each person or culture has a particular structure to follow.
Believe it or not, the Book Universe in Disenchantment manages that!
For those who can strip off their prejudices and have the minimal persistence to know a little bit be more about that, this writing style has the power to unify not only the people but us with our intimacy.
It is simply amazing!
You should start very calmly. Don’t attain yourself to the form of the Narrative, but try to grasp the genial phrases dilluted over the pages. They can cure. Hence you will be able to feel the Rational Immunization leaving the status of Utopia to crystallize into the purest Reality!

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