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terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012


(Prof. Porfirio J. Neves)

In Rational Culture the word Millennium does not only apply to the concept of thousands of years, and for this reason, it is said that we are in the 3rd Millennium of the Christian Age.

The word Millennium is also applied to a range of mechanisms important for the cultural development, such as the development of the Imagination (the 1st Millennium); the development of the Thought (the 2nd Millennium) and the phase of the development of the Reasoning (the 3rd Millennium).

All this process composed of thousands and thousands of transformations, so that we could achieve this level of understanding and reach our World of Origin through the development of the Reasoning.

There has been so far three Millenniums for those who have not yet been awaken to the Truth, and for this reason, they keep being slaves to the suggestions, millenarian suppositions and believing in all that as though it were true.

The materialized human kind is still lingering in this phase of the third millennium. (*H-32 p-86) “This is the Rational animal, who never knew why he was like that, never knew why everyone is like that. The Rational animal has always been vain, conceited and proud of his useless knowledge. The result is that everyone has only the view of the below!”

Only after learning the Rational Culture, the Rational animals will be able to acknowledge their ignorance and understand that they have a long way to go before they know the right things about their Life and Origin.

The Three Millennium Disenchantment is not a set of phases for development only, but also a set of phases for self knowledge based on positive realizations.

The Three Millennium Disenchantment constitutes the Phase of Rationalization, whereas the Three Millennium Enchantment constitutes the phase of dilapidation and suffering. The theory and practice.

The theory is the development within the Enchantment and the practice is the realization of the Disenchantment. This is the difference: the Enchantment is a world where nobody knows anything about themselves. They are enchanted and they need to disenchant to return to their true natural; this is the goal of all dilapidation and polishing made by the development of The Thought, Imagination and Reasoning.

Many believe that the development of the Reasoning is the final goal of everything. It is really the final goal of dilapidation and polishing in order to reach the Rationalization.

And there is still a long way to go, much longer than one can think of. With the Reasoning machine fully developed, one will not expose oneself, one does not have anything to prove and neither any questions, for one is already connected to the whole.

That is what the Superior Rational tells us: being connected with the whole, one will achieve the Supreme Consciousness. One needs nothing else. Why do I have to affirm this? Because the Superior Rational clarifies that the development of the Reasoning in the Third Millennium is meant to soften an organ that had been in lethargy for millions and millions of transformations, and that this softening could be easily attained by the Reading.

(*H-32 p-53) “By reading and re-reading persistently one attains the Rational Development. It is the softening and preparation of the Reasoning to connect with its true place of Origin.”

In the beginning, due to the fact that the Reasoning had been hardened and paralyzed, it takes time to soften up, and only gradually it starts developing by the persistent reading. Then it starts working and little by little it gets prepared until its full completion.

By this time, this Organ will show a different Function for being connected to its true natural environment. This Organ is widely known as the Pineal Gland. When the Rational says that it is mandatory that we should soften the Reasoning, it makes perfect sense since the Pineal Gland has Apatite Crystals.

Crystals are hard and this confirms the fact as to why the Reasoning has got to be softened up.
Other than that the softening of the Reasoning could also mean the fact that by reading the books Universe in Disenchantment, one gets less arrogant and more understanding , more aware and less animal.

The Reading will certainly make the human being more adaptable to the life situations in a more positive way.

Anyways it is very important to note that after the development of the Reasoning the body will attain new functions, as it is demonstrated by the Superior Rational.

I always believed, wrongly, by the way, that the layers of Apatite Crystals present in the Pineal Gland meant a better development of the latter; however considering the Rational Texts, I have come up with the conclusion that it is quite the opposite, for in physical terms the softening of the Reasoning relates to its real dematerialization and development.

The Pineal Gland with a higher quantity of crystals can be highly favorable to the development of mediunity and the connection to the Spiritual World, but with a few crystals or devoid of any can attest the evidence of a connection with the Rational World.

I'd like to reiterate here that such aspect of the Pineal Gland should be subjected to a better analysis. During the Reading of the Rational Works, one will eventually come across remarks which bear very contradictory definitions between one another, this is due to the fact that the Rational speaks in one way at times, and in a completely different way at other times.

Many people feel like giving up the reading, because they do not understand that some remarks are made in the sense of the Disenchantment, and others are made in the sense of the Enchantment. However he justifies the use of the two senses during the Reading.

The Reading is in itself its own guidelines on how the books Universe in Disenchantment should be read. Some people believe they are literate but, even so, they skip these important details. Some academic people have confessed their total ignorance with the things of the Disenchantment. It is necessary to unlearn everything one has learned in order to learn the Disenchantment.

One thing is to speak top down, the Disenchantment, and the other thing is to speak down to the top, the Enchantment. Is that not a contradiction? It is up to each individual to feel the real sense of the Reading in accordance to what he or she feels and develop Rationally.

The real sense is to soften the Reasoning by absorbing the significance of the Rational Ideals and fix them in the mind. This attitude will bring us close to the Rational Basis, our true world of origin.

Right at the beginning the Rational warns us: “search your own ideas and see how erroneous they all are.”This is necessary to soften the rough thought lacking basis and logic.

The term “Crystal Thoughts” may relate to the quantity of crystals on the pineal gland that prevents one from thinking clearly. This is another mystery!

I'd like to mention here one more time the Rational explanation about the Three Millenniums and that is: the 1st Millennium relates to the Rational World – the Super Cosmos; the 2nd Millennium relates to the Superior Astral – the Superior Cosmos; the 3rd Millennium is the Inferior Astral or Inferior Cosmos.

The third millennium is the Primary Course, the second millennium is the Secondary Course and the first millennium is the Superior Course. This is something complex through the Thought Understanding, because the Though takes as logic the principle of construction, which starts from the grounds and soars up to the top.

In what concerns the Disenchantment this concept is erroneous, for in Rational Terms the construction came from the Above to the Below.Thus the basis is up there and not down here.

God is the basis of all things, including Nature, and God is up there; on the ground is the Matter God. Matter became a god to the materialistic people, and the materialistic people are all afraid of dying. The authentic materialistic puts the matter above all. The materialistic finds himself limited to the primary course – he can only envisage the 3rd Millennium, the last floor of the creation.

Nevertheless, he cannot acknowledge that and insists on building up from down to the top as if this Millennium were the real basis.
There is nothing left to construct, for humanity reached its ultimate limit.

Every human construction is an inversion of the eternal reality, and for this reason it kept itself enchanted, and if it proceeds like that it will move faster to its own demise.

The Disenchantment is built through the Knowledge of the Above and not of the Below. It is a lot simpler to attain the fundamental principles of the constructions than all the constructions that were made.

It is a lot easier to understand the existence of The Rational World as being constituted by the fundamental unities of life, the Virtues and Energies (pure, clean and perfect energies) than trying to understand how this complex and organized compound of the Third Millennium.

It is about structure that is deformed and degenerated where one thing is connected to one another and get destroyed by itself. To give a clear picture of this situation I would give the example of an Aback – a primitive kind of machine, whose function is so simple to understand because it contains the fundamental functioning of other complex machines, such as the computer network of the internet.

The Rational World is the perfect image of simplicity – so easy to understand. The concept of the Third World is hard to understand, if we use it as a basis.

For this Reason the Disenchantment is from Above to the Below. There you have the three Millenniums of the Disenchantment. The above with the Rational World and the below with the Superior and Inferior Astrals.

All, that is below, depends on what is above. Those who are below will have to develop themselves Rationally in order to return to their World above from where everyone came and to where everyone will go.

Read the book Universe in Disenchantment, so that you can participate in a conscious way in this great Universal Odyssey – the journey back to the true natural.

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