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segunda-feira, 26 de março de 2012


(Severino dos Reis)

Dear Reader: It is normal that the new civilization calls for changes in all senses. However, the conservative masters insist on preserving the traditions, histories and teachings, which were of necessary and great use in other epochs; creations of very ancient and hampered people who saw a world which bears no resemblance with the world today.
It seem that they do not want to accept the fact that Nature is always changing. This is something they should never forget because we are her children, we are nourished by her and we depend on her for everything; we are born because she wants and we die because she wants it too.
Yet, we believe we can be better than her. Man should realize his insignificance before Nature. Then, it was Nature that taught us how to walk, to speak, to select the food, that is, all that we know nowadays, since we knew nothing at all at the beginning of the times; we were like infants.
But then we grew up, we abandoned our lessons which were the culture given by God, the lines on the palms of our hands that traces our trajectory of life; these lines on our palms match up with the position of the stars, but we do not understand a thing about it.
In that Culture, Suffering was nonexistent. Everyone lived happily. They did not die but weathered after their life cycle was completed, like a tree, and then, the Reasoning went back to the World of Origin. This was a redemptive culture, a culture that imposed limits, and nobody could upstage what had been determined by Nature on the hand-palms and in the position of the Stars. So, the displeased people showed up in the scene, and tried to contradict the natural order.
For example, the palm-lines determined a man would have to marry a certain woman, but since he had other tastes he simply refused to follow the natural order. The consequence was a breakup with the Superior Astral. So, man invented a new Alphabet that could provide room for the exploration of his own Will. The Will is free and again they used their rights to their Free Will. They abandoned the astrological culture, which was true, natural and divine and held to an artificial culture, invented to give free access to their desires. But then they had to pay a price for such disobedience. Once they stopped guiding themselves through the lines on the palm of their hands, the deterioration of the body started, and the process of death initiated - something that had never existed before.
They started aging and dying. The vicious cycle that started with their comings and goings; they were born, died and were born again, but as irrational animals. In order to avoid the total transformation in irrationals, the Superior Rational gave us a new chance. Nature reconnected us to the Inferior Astral, the astral of the electric and magnetic energies. Two material organs begin developing out of this connection - the Thought and the Imagination. An artificial culture started to function .
A new Rational Evolution started which would then culminate with the development of the Reasoning and finally with the coming back to the Rational World, the true Eternity. The matter served only as a vehicle to conduct the Reasoning and not to be developed; its development brought only suffering and death. Today the astronomical assertion is that there is no such thing as the Astrology, that it is just superstition. However the astrology cited in Rational Culture belongs to the Superior Astral; no instrument of research today can penetrate that world ruled by the eternal culture.

The current culture is that of the researchers and scientists, who bring in their genetic code the memories of that astrological culture. By using the artifice of mathematics, they can make great headway and predictions. the Superior Rational says that all those prophecies were made using the Astrology, for the destiny of everyone is written in the Stars. At the Astrological Times, people did not talk like today, because they knew all. They knew the Origin of the Universe, life and their trajectory in this world; they knew the beginning and end of everything. People were awaken and healthy, there was no suffering either.

The human kind lost the benefits of that Culture so unlike the one today which seals everything in darkness and mysteries, and nobody knows from where they came and to where they are going. The human kind is on expectations only, and they are always devising things but never know the consequences of their actions.

They develop the sciences and technology, however the damages from these deeds are to be seen everywhere both for the World and Humanity. Take the Pollution as an example, the traffic, the hole in the ozone layer, the atomic garbage and lethal irradiation. If we take into consideration that the artificial culture is relatively recent, we have to accept that the damages caused to life and the environment are irreparable. If we compare 21 eternities with 24 hours of the day, the time for the artificial culture occupies the last 2 hours only.

In this period so small, so many civilizations flourished and extinguished: The Atlantis, Mu, Maya, Incas, Aztec and so many others that nobody has ever heard of. Nobody knows what happened to them. The questions are in the numberless books that have been written about them, and were unanswered in all of them.

Now all the answers are being given by the Rational Culture. Many civilizations got extinguished because of the artificiality of the Culture. The Superior Rational says:" 'After leaving the natural culture of astrology, no civilization could last for ever. It flourishes, it reaches its high pick of development and start descending, decaying until it disappears, because they are set up by the Thought and the Thought is the development of the matter - the evil destroys itself.

After leaving the natural culture you became assassins. There was no death in the Astrological Culture. Death started with the advent of the Artificial Culture. Nobody has the right to live because they adopted a criminal culture. There is no understanding between men. They destroy one another like crazy. If Nature had not changed phase in 1935, we would become another extinguished civilization, reaching the heights of the nuclear era. Therefore, my dearest Readers, we should study the RATIONAL CULTURE; let's develop the Reasoning, for it is in the Reasoning the Truth we left a long time ago, when we skipped the Astrological Culture. This is the aid we got from the Divine, our re-encounter with our World of Origin and Eternity.

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