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sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012


In the World today, everyone is claiming for peace, everyone is longing for the universal Concord.

However, this Concord will never be attained through divisions but through the union of one another.

In order to unite, one must keep just one point of view, by seeing the Universe as a whole and feeling as a particle of this whole. And to achieve that it is mandatory that one unites and not divides.

What divides the world is the magnetic thought, the pure evil. That is the function of Evil, Division.

We have clarified that the evil behind the occult forces penetrates all areas of life, acting without people's awareness, because they do not have the Reasoning Development for lack of a better knowledge of life.

The time now is urging everyone to come up with their Self-Knowledge attained in the books of Universe in Disenchantment (Rational Culture) which presents the superior course of life. It is a crystal knowledge that shows the distinction between the Truth and the Lie. There is only one Truth, the Rational Truth and not the Irrational Truth.

Therefore, everyone is after the Unique, which is Rational and not Irrational. Hence the essential Rational development is the most important condition to reach the real Good.

Once people know themselves naturally, all the institutions will take a different Lead, the only Lead that can bring them together and cease the division between Nations. All individual actions will converge to the final Conclusion in the search of the true peace, love, fraternity and universal concord between people of different nations through the development of the Reasoning.

Everyone is moving towards the true Rational Personality, and dedicating to this field of Love, Firmness and Happiness. Thus the Institutions will be the sum up of purposeful and conscious actions, benevolent to the inhabitants of this world.

But to achieve that it is necessary to know oneself Rationally and acknowledge one's place as the particle of this Universe. This is going to be possible only if one recognizes the importance of being in harmony with all the other particles, and never give up this amazing mission of putting together this Rational jig-saw puzzle that comprises all the living beings. Rational is everyone and everything because everyone and everything came from the same Origin - The Rational World.

Once you get to know your Origin you can keep up with the right attitude in pair with the Origin, neutralizing the opposite actions, and basing only on the Real Good.

Once you know where you are going, you will never lose your track, and you will follow steadily on the Rational Line towards the right direction to the Eternal Dwell - your real place of Origin the Rational World.

There is no doubt to those who follow this way, because they know this is a temporary world with a temporary life - the world with endless transformations.

If you have acknowledged this reality you will not fall prey to the matter, where there are only contradictions and adversities. Despite all that, it is still a necessary Evil, for only then you can pursue the goal of coming back to your World of Origin.

This world you live in is animated artificially by the Electric-Magnetic Energies. These two Energies are deformed states of the Rational Energy - the Energy of our World of Origin.

They also want to resume their condition of Rational, pure, clean and perfect beings. However this depends largely on our tuning with the Rational World - the World of pure and Rational Progress.

This is the reason why these two Energies from the ground still keep disfavoring the human beings through the Though and the Imagination, because they are still immersed in illusions and enchanted by the material life. This life is a dream; the rich dreams and poor dreams too.

As you keep living under the illusions and dreaming about this perishable world, you keep suffering the consequences of this terrible mistake of trying to find good in Evil. There is only evil in the matter. This is false good, and for this reason it subjects the individual to the vices and fanaticism.

It is mandatory that the Rational Animal awakens not to be swollen by his own ignorance.

The material Life is of dreams and illusions. Everyone is dreaming. The fault always falls over the individuals who never try to understand what Life is.

Life is good and you know how to live. When you do the best you can for the other without questioning this rule of unconditional love.

Anyone who leaves this field of unconditional love will inevitably leave the field of life, for there is nothing in the conditional love, no life. The individual is on the verge of losing his own life.

He runs over himself, his true Rational Nature and his similar. Everyone is the children of Nature. This is the Divine Consistence, and nobody can go against it!

However this is totally unknown to the magnetic Thought. The natural Thought, though, spread the concept of unconditional love, that is - to love the next as you love yourself. This concept brings the individual to a higher level - the Supremacy of the Reasoning.

What is to be natural? To be natural is to be in favor of life and never try anything that can damage the next.

And where is the Natural to be found?

In our true Origin, the first World, the Rational World, from where we all came.

Here in this temporary and perishable world, everything is artificial and disconnected from the Supreme Being - the True God, because we are too attached to the matter. We take the matter as the basis of our lives. For this reason we are aliniated from the real life. God is waiting patiently for each individual to wake up to this reality, so that the World can be under his Regency. God is the Origin, not the matter - not the irrational! For this reason the initial step should be taken by detaching from the matter.

In order to start with this Detachment it is time we knew what is matter and what is God.

Therefore, living in this perishable world, which is artificial, we are so attached to the matter and think only about the matter; by adopting the matter as the basis to their lives the human beings are definitely not under God's protection. And where can we find this Knowledge if there is only matter in this World?

This Knowledge has never been here before, otherwise, we would have already set ourselves free from the matter, considering that the World is very ancient.

Had that happened we would have been for a long time now connected to God, and the World would be now under his Regency. The Law would have been other than this, on which the Rational animals base themselves.

We have always known about the existence of the unconditional Love, however we have never been able to put it in practice, because the Energy that supported this reality was not yet in function. Which Energy? The Rational Energy!

Before that it was the Phase of the Thought; it was ruled by the electric and magnetic energies for the polishing and dilapidation of the human beings. The proof to that is the proliferation of cultural segments which was meant to put one against another.

However, due to the lack of knowledge about life, the unconditional Love was underrated, changed by the ambition and greed, which brought the human beings to an unbalanced situation; they started acting on the spur of the moment in a reckless way. Thus guided by occult forces of the matter, there was a growing unbalance, in such a way, that the demand for new laws was called upon the limitless abuses that corrupted the life of the inhabitants.

It is obvious that this knowledge has never been on Earth before, otherwise, the World which is so old would have already gotten what they needed to be free - Knowledge. At this point in time, we would be free from the chains of the Matter, living a life without any attachment.

The Free Will used for the Good is rewarding, but if it is used for the Evil, then it is a fallacy.

Who never knew who he was and why he was born cannot make any good use of his Free Will.

We mean that it is the false Good, not the real Good that motivates the individual into pursuing his welfare at the expense of the pain and suffering of his similar and the whole Nature.

For this reason, Life requires that people live in parallel with the organizations in the path of the unconditional Love.

Once you can understand that you will be able to see and understand the true meaning of life.

How did this world come into existence? From where did it come? Why did it happen? Thus through the unbalance and suffering we see all around, it is not difficult to wonder that nothing that exists here is in its right place.

We are the fish out of the water, shaking in despair, waiting to be rescued and put back in its habitat, which is the water, so that it will survive.

Thus everyone and everything is living in this world of matter: suffering, suffering, suffering, and shaking, shaking, shaking, for everyone is out of their right place, the place they came from - the Rational World.

Now, like a fish out of the water we need to find someone who can take us back to our real inhabitant.

Search for the Truth and it will free you!

The book Universe in Disenchantment is the Book of God in the Rational Phase where people will learn how to live in harmony with Nature in this decaying life of the Matter.

Thus, in the Rational Phase, there will be the Rational Encounter between Everyone and God who will welcome his children back to the divine Dwell, for we are all his children, the children of God, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL!

We are all RATIONALS. However we are deformed in animals and we need to put an end to our suffering, by providing each person, individually, the return home, the RATIONAL WORLD. That is something you have to see for yourself. Take the chance right now!

We shall embrace our transcendental passport, with firmness, love and gratitude, and we can be absolutely sure, that we will have a wonderful journey back to Eternity.

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