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terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012


(Degas Antunes)

After the demise inflicted on Planet Earth, because of the moral, physical and financial decadency (a growing degradation of mankind today), the Light Way to the Cosmos will rule in the Universe. A new phase will be carried out by someone who will be in tune with this phase: it will be the World Central Government, where everyone will be connected by the same feeling of Peace, Love and Universal Concorde.
Everyone will take part in the same set of great evolution without wars, greed, vanity, falsehood and treason. A new consciousness will emerge bringing a truly balanced life in consonance with the new Reality of pureness and perfection.
There will be no ruthlessness and people's life will be free from pain and suffering. It will be all in One sharing the same syntony: all things and all being constituting the same reality.
There will be one single goal: the understanding of how egocentric, biased and reckless we are. It is necessary that we accept this reality (perceptible to the human senses), a light which is manifested from the Father, the Life of all lives.
The actual evolution allows us to perceive the need to set ourselves free in order to get in syntony with the Light of the Cosmos, and search for the Way to the Truth.
The majority of people is terrified at everything and even the threat of a nuclear war. The Light of the Supreme World will definitely point to the reason of all that is happening right now.
All these occurrences, typical of the End of the World and the escalation of the Appearances, will end once and for all, and human kind will converge its attention to the Origin - The Real World. Once the chaos is gone the Light of Providence will fill in the horizon of a new world all the splendor with a new human dimension - everyone connected and oriented by the Eternal Light.
There will be a Rain of Light over the planet, putting an end to all kinds of pollution, reverting the water, vegetables, air, earth and soil back to their wholesame state, and the true understanding and comprehension will blossom among all the living beings.
Thus we will be able to listen to the voice of all elements in Nature, as a consequence of our perseverance to know Ourselves. This perseverance will guarantee astounding benefits tomorrow for keeping in touch with Nature.
It will be like being reborn to a New World. Brazil is the country chosen for this mission, through the Light of Confraternity on a new basis of Justice, Truth and Reason. All the children being born in the New Phase will be supported by the Supreme Light of the Cosmos, so that they will find grounds to use all of their potential Abilities.
This is the purpose of a natural integration without any sort of imposition or altering to their beings.
The cleverest of these individuals will provide guidance to Education assuring its harmony within the phase, so that their own evolution won't be at risk.
Everyone will be integrated in the activities to which they have true vocation; whatever it is, be it in Engineering, Astronautics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Botanic, Agriculture, etc., people will be better adjusted to their state of realization.
People will have equality of rights and social opportunities in a scale of values truly human through evolution.
The time will be expanded and better used, then the number of hours will be sufficient for the World Productive System (WPS) without any kind of exploitation that is not in pair with the truly needs of the material subsistence.
The Light of the Cosmos will be adopted by everyone as the sole expression, which will allow everyone to reach Wisdom and understanding of their peers.
Everyone will be One in straight fraternal unity which will rule the whole economic system in the World. And the countries will be so united that all people will be brotherly by the same feeling of universal understanding.
There will be more understanding and knowledge with Wisdom. Thus more respect to life.
The health and life quality will be of highlighted importance in the governmental decisions. The deceases will decrease to such a level that the very few remaining ailments will be the adjustments of the physical body to the new state of evolution.
Man will be more peaceful and happier because his feeding will be pure and natural, exclusively, from the vegetable kingdom.
All the wars will be no longer possible, because with this new consciousness, the human beings will be truly human and will be against any kind of violence.
And, thus, the irrational animal won't be chased and mistreated, it won't fear the human presence, for it won't feel threatened or devoured by man. There will be Life, Light and Harmony in people's hearts of this new Humanity.
All the frontiers between Nations will succumb after everyone gets in tune with the Light.
Thus, the Earth will turn into a beautiful sphere of celestial lights in its way towards the Cosmic World: The Return to the Source!

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