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quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2012


(Claudio Sampaio)

It doesn't matter how wealth people are, nobody has ever escaped death. Even Sciences with its evolution has buried so many scientists throughout its history.


Don't bother trying to answer this question through Thought because the human being has never been able to find a way out of death.


Because everyone lives without knowing themselves.

Without knowing themselves, they can't live well. In order to live well, it is mandatory to have the real knowledge of life, so that Death will lose its terrifying and threatening face.

Without the knowledge of life, there is no knowledge of death either. There is the fundamental life that produced all lives, including yours own, and keeps all lives it made. For instance, Hunger is a disease and the food is the remedy.

Therefore when you are hungry, you know that the only way to heal this temporary disease is to eat, for the food is the remedy against the hunger. The same happens with Death, why?

Because knowing what Death is, you can escape it.


Because Death is just a tool of life that made your life and all the other lives, and it uses Death as a tool to take this machine which is your body to a repair garage which is the Cemetery.

And there the mechanics will dismantle this machine to make a new one out of it. The mechanics here are the microbes which disassemble your body, which will transform into virus and, later, micro-virus, which are the engineers that will make the new pieces for the formation of the new machine which was taken for repair by death.

You can access the Knowledge of this transformation, from old machines to new machines, with all details in the books of “Universe in Disenchantment”.

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