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terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012


(Valdir Santos Alexandrino)


Who doesn't feel like leaving this deluge of fire represented by this combustion of the electric (masculine) and magnetic (feminine) matters? Who doesn't want to be immune to the disastrous and damaging effects of this two Energies that belong to the Ground? Who doesn't dream about ending his suffering?Who doesn't want to set free from the magnetic (the evil thought) and from the electric (the apparent thought)?

This the uppermost declaration concerning these Energies of the Enchantment; both Energies, by the way, are transmitters to people's intimacy regardless of the social class they belong to. They influence in our thoughts and ideas through transmissions, and that is the reason why we are liable to so many mistakes.

The Thought was not created to get us on the right track, but to dilapidate us to the fullest. See what is going on in the World; a real Madhouse! And this is what is called “DEFORMATION”; it is definitely inhabited by Beings with enchanted and deformed minds, full of imperfections.

They all compose the Animal Kingdom and are subjugated to the Solar Regency. The Sun the Chief Engineer of the Deformation. No Enchanted Being can be sure of his true Self. It is impossible to achieve that in the Enchantment, so what could bring any certainty to him about the other beings?

The Human Beings have their faculties propitiated by Nature, and she made everything and everyone in conformity with her principles of a deformed nature, which is divided in seven (7) parts: Sun, Moon, Water, Earth, Animals and Vegetables.

Since she made us individualized by our own distinctions, it is hard even for ourselves to understand what we really are.

The material mass of the human body was made by the development of the magnetism. This mass is the result of the interaction between the male and the female. This body reproduces its off-springs for the humans and the irrationals alike.

Whatever the seed or semen, it is denominated body of energy. The semen contains a replica of the Living Being – if it is a human being, the semen contains a miniaturized replica of a human being. This miniaturized form is in the energetic state – which aims at keeping the imprints of a whole micro-population, the constructors which are the cause of the body and its development.

The group of miniaturized workers will help to build up the Organism, by following the blueprints of the human plant, which had been previously determined by the energetic body.

The result will be the completion of your “Body”. They act inside the female's incubator, utilizing the bio- magnetic field where the constructing microbes will give form to the body.

Each group of micro-bios will assume their tasks for the completion of a determined part of the body; this task is assigned to them. Then, the body of seminal energy will transform, given its development, until it reaches the form of a Rational animal.

The three constituting Energies: the magnetic, the electric and the Rational. The Three Powers, which constitute the Seven Realms, will assure the existence of this Universal Set that is this Global Deformation, whose Origin is from the Rational World – this Field of Primary Evolving Force.
(To be continued)

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