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quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012


(Valdir Santos Alexandrino)

Thus in the Semen the magnetic spark was produced by a magnetic combustion (the female) and, then , an electric combustion (the masculine) was made; both gave form to the human body; who art “thou “ but the whole of the appearances, who came from nothingness, and, for this reason, you could never know your true Self. You were born in this terrestrial Globe without knowing why.
However a 3º energy took also part in the formation of the human body; this third energy is the Body of Rational Energy which stranded from its Natural, therefore it is through the power of these three energies that the human body was formed.

You were made with Reasoning. The Reasoning is your Rational part carrying your true individuality. A part which you depend on to know yourself thoroughly in order to be Immunized and connect to the transcendental and Supreme Being.
The Power of the Reasoning, the true reason to the existence of the human being is from above. Whence you are from the World Above, where your true Origin is located. Because you are a Rational animal, your true Origin and Natural could never be other than The Rational World. Your right place is in the Rational World.
The Rational Immunization is an Organic Being from our true natural, the natural of everyone. And this natural is pure, clean and perfect. Given the fact that you are part of this organic being of Rational Energy, which made your body, once you get in contact with the Rational Energy you will through this body become fully illuminated by the Rational Energy and achieve your status of Rational Apparatus.
It is up to you to fathom this knowledge of the beginning of your life in this world, contained in the magnetic spark found in the semen. A spark with a very feeble vibration, which for this reason, will flicker, making your life into something that appears and disappears.
It is your obligation to know why you are part of this reality and what happened for you to be where you are now. This is the life of appearances. And it is like that because it is not the true life; we don't belong here in this Irrational Life Basis, mixed up with inferior beings.
We are in this class of Rational Animals, because we lack the most important Knowledge of all, which is: to know that it is in the Reasoning the knowledge of our being.

Now you ask, “but what is the Reasoning? And where can I study it” That is exactly what you need to know so that you can strip yourself off this Animal Suit; you got yourself dressed in this animal Garment, when you adopted the Artificial Culture of the Enchantment. Now it is time you all searched for the reason to all that and lose not a single minute of it.
The book you need to read is already known to you: “Universe in Disenchantment!” This is where you will know yourself and your Place of Origin, truly.
That we all may achieve the True Fraternal Peace and Health.

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