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domingo, 1 de abril de 2012


(Ubirajara Pisão)

We live a material life full of worries and so distracting that we cannot feel the time pass by. We are able to follow all the occurrences worldwide. Everyone is fully connected by the Internet making it hard for concealing information. But what about the Distractions? Are they good or bad? Everything should be taken in a dosed fashion, in balance, and whenever one of the parts grows bigger over the other we have the Unbalance. We are usually concerned about a lot of issues in our lives but we forget that the most important of all is THE PROGRESS OF DEGENERATION.
“... the progress of degeneration affects everyone in this world, so you don’t know you are made out of your parents’ leftover?” ( Universe in Disenchantment ).
We shall give an example to that: you must’ve already tried to apply charges to a car battery in order to prolong its functioning. Thus the owner of the vehicle can use it for a longer period of time before he changes it. This does not mean that it will last longer than the stipulated time given by the maker. These are necessary adjustments the owner has make, so that he can save more money.
In fact that battery will present some defects during its course and ultimately cause a lot of problems to the car owner, who at this point is running the risk of having an accident.
If I tell you that we, human beings, are in the same situation as that car battery and that our life- span has been stretched by artificial means, would you believe me that? It is not so farfetched to affirm that those who have spread the idea that our life is being more durable are, in fact, lying about the facts.
Actually our life years never increased but have been diminishing. What has increased is the artificial means to make the humans a little more resistant, and in general, they are just like that mal functioning battery. What we see is the fake image of an anti-life. See the rush to the drugstores. You can find them one next to the other literally, not to mention the sacrifice to get essential medicine.
There have been amazing headways in health and medicine, which took our life years to a further point; nevertheless, this was just an apparent solution to the real problem. Many people present the signs of deteriorating physical conditions in which it is common to see people falling down with illness or stress in the streets.
This is common to see, but nobody has ever been able to realize that due to the life distractions. The Superior Rational says in the book Universe in Disenchantment:
“For this reason this progress is going backwards. Everyone’s life is getting feeble and weak; at the time when there was not so much variety people were sturdy and had a much better construction than people today and the durability of life was bigger: they lived 300, 400, 500 years, etc… As the progress continued on its implacable march the human kind got weaker and weaker, and very little is left for the complete extinction. You speak of consciousness; however the real consciousness is in favor of life not against life. The unconscious won’t do anything against life. In 2006, a prominent TV program in Brazil reported about a fact that was simply was forgotten or discarded as a different kind of genetic anomaly by the viewers and even scientists – it might be for human respect to the people’s suffering of this disease or some distraction – however, what was reported is really worth of a better attention. See the program headlines.
FANTÁSTICO – April 16, 2006.
“Five Turkish siblings with genetic problems walk like quadruples.”
“In Carmo do Rio Verde, a little city in the countryside of Brazil a family of five siblings crawled during their infant period but never managed to walk on two legs. And in a Turkish village on the borders with Syria, a group of human beings has to support on their hands to move. These discoveries touched the public opinion and raised new issues such as: can these facts elucidate on the mysteries of Human Evolution?
1st Volume of the Book Universe in Disenchantment (page 84) ”Now, then, in what Eternity are you now? In the 21st eternity. And if you continued being transformed in other bodies, you would go to the 22nd Eternity, for you all know that as life progresses it gets weaker and weaker with the degenerative process affecting everything. The end of this progress would be the total extinction of this generation of life and another a lot worse would take place – The 22nd Level of the Deformation. And you ask: but how does this process of degeneration happen?
In very ancient times the life span was of 800 years and kept diminishing to date. Today very few reach the age of 100. In a few years you won’t reach the 50 years, and the outcome will be the imminent extinction of the Human Race. So you don’t know that you are made out of each other’s leftovers? Do you want to know what you all would be like at the very end of this phase? You would all acquire four feet! You are not getting to that point, because you have in your hands the knowledge which will be redemptive for the humans to skip this appalling destiny.”
Quadruple is the form of using the four limbs to move. Chimpanzees are quadruple primates, that is, they use their four limbs to move around. Occasionally they move in a biped way like the humans. Before we walk on two feet we crawl on the ground.
Because we are getting weaker we may present the impairment of walking like the quadruple. Most people today are going through physiotherapy and other types of treatment for posture correction due to the physical degeneration of our species that is becoming more and more visible. It won’t be long before everyone is taken by these kinds of problems. Some people can’t even stay standing. The real patrimony of life is to know yourself. In the books of Universe in Disenchantment are the most important information for the human beings to leave their chain of transformations and degeneration caused by the weakening of the electric and magnetic energies. In Nature, it is now the ruling of the Rational Phase and this phase is meant to recuperate the Human Kind from its total demise.

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