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domingo, 1 de abril de 2012


(Valdir Santos Alexandrino)

Up to a certain point everyone was right, (says the Superior Rational in the 1st volume of the Treplica); the right explanation of the World’s Origin and of how everything was made and everyone was made and why they were made. However, it was under the other point of view that we could perceive that everyone was wrong; no animal can be master in Nature.

Thus the animal is not entitled to affirm anything as to what is possible or impossible – that is what was asserted by the Superior Rational. In the 1st volume of the Historic, the 1st message, the Superior Rational states that only now the Knowledge of our Origin has come. That all the existence is of Rational Origin, only the Origin can provide what is right, and now everyone can be sure that the right Knowledge of the Origin is there in this World.

If you found the Origin, you found the solution;
If you found the Origin, you found the basis;
If you found the Basis, you found the Logic;
If you found the Logic, you found what is right;

The sense of life is to search for its real meaning, which is in the cause, origin and logic of life. Only then one can get the right answers. Otherwise there is no sense and it never goes beyond this point of ignorance and lack of understanding.

Without the Knowledge of the Origin it is impossible to know how to live and develop the human life functions within the correct basis and logic. For this reason the appearances have always been described as the only access to the Truth.

The appearances only multiplied and spread the uncertainties, making everything so confusing. The basis to all the existence is the Rational World and the logic is the Rational Culture, which contains the right consistence where one can base oneself.

The real Knowledge can only be found in the real Culture, where all the doubts are solved. Without the Origin one can never get to the logic. Without Logic one misses the sense of living.

It is in the intimacy that one feels sadness and disconsolation. The intimacy is taken by dissatisfaction and the void, because life is temporary and what is temporary cannot offer any basis to Reality.

That is the point when there is the total unbalance because the individual cannot regulate within the correct life principles. Each individual is a product of the Deformation made by this Nature composed of seven parts.

A deformed being is not real, for he is out of his true natural. There are two realities composed by two deformed energies: the electric and the magnetic Energies. The remaining truth in this world is apparent; it is one thing today and another thing tomorrow.

The electric exists so it is true; the magnetic also exists so it is also true, however both of them function as temporary truths.

Consequently the beings made by these two realities will also acquire the status of falsehood, for a deformed being cannot be authentic, and once we get in contact with this state of mind it is clear that there cannot be two truths but just one.

The Truth is Rational: the origin of this Rational Deformation. The habitat of sufferers and mortal life. You see the Matter is of Rational Origin and it belongs to the Rational World.

The Matter resulted out of the transformation of a part from this World. It got disconnected from its congenital Source. A COSMIC MASS OF RATIONAL ENERGY that stranded from its main basis up here, where all the other Rational Beings are with their progress of purity.

The question is: who is responsible for this separation? The answer is: the abuses of the Freewill. The responsible ones for the existence of this world of matter are all here in the class of Mortal Rational Thinking Animals.

Not even all the Geniuses that have passed by this World were capable of giving any answer as to Man’s True Origin. That is definitely not possible to be found in the Artificial World. Then, the artificial consciousness lacks the Basis and Logic to apprehend what is Rational.

However it was once conceptualized the coming of a Divine Being who would bring the Union of these two Worlds into One. Those who have always lived here were just the products of a Life Formation unleashed by the fire of the Sun – the Enchanted Beings, the Human Beings.

The Divine Being would then enlighten us with this amazing discovery of our True Origin and show how the Return to our True World would be made. The Divine Being would have to come to this realm of Lost Reasonings, where we are now, and finally provide us with the proofs of our true Origin. There is no Truth in this The World of Appearances.

There is only one Truth: The Rational Truth. We live in this World under this Animal Cover of Rational Race. Race means Origin. Animal is matter and Rational means Energy from the Rational World; this energy is materialized in the Midbrain right in the middle of our Head. It is through this tiny organ that we will know the reason of our Lives.

The true solution to life cannot be found in the Matter. The Rational Culture represents the constructive means to take everyone to their World of Origin. In the Rational Culture one will find the plant of life and nature.

The left plant is the Rational Deformation;
The right plant is the plant of our Return to our real Natural.

Finally we came upon the end of the material life and it is within our Reach. Only the World that laid the foundations for the one we live in can provide us with the background knowledge of our Formation.

The enchanted minds constructed in this deformed reality could never give us any basis at all of our World of Origin! The Result is that human kind has always lived in doubt about its true Origin.

Today is fact that we are of the same Rational Origin, and while some are awaken to this reality other will be in the future. The future is now and we should not waste any moment of it. Let’s read the books Universe in Disenchantment. Hope that everyone may have Peace and Concord through the Development of the Reasoning.

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