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quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012


(Valdir Santos Alexandrino)

Through the Rational Culture, the humanity will know how they left their natural state and how they can go back to it. It all started with the transformation of a Plain constituted by our True God in state of cosmic mass made of pure, clean and perfect energy – which derived from its main part up there. The other Part is still in progress of Rational Purity with its Inhabits of pure, clean and perfect energy.

The degenerated, weakened and deformed part is still here distant from its main source where it reigns a progress of degeneration carried on by the beings that came all the way down on it; this parcel of the inhabitants is a small population from that world who decided to progress on their freewill. Hence this part started to go down and it unleashed a process of total degeneration and deformation that brought everyone and everything under these conditions.
And you are, likewise, a product of this process. In this deformed world, everything keeps changing because of this primeval action. Humanity is a product of this degenerative process, and so are you. It is very important that you and humanity keep the following understanding: If we change and are always changing, the reason for that is because we are out of our true natural.
Humanity is out of its true natural, living in a place where they don't belong to. We, as part of the humanity, are likewise misplaced here, and so are you. All the people who haven't gotten to know themselves Rationally are confused among themselves and everything else.
The confusion is caused by the electric-magnetic functions of Nature, which rule over all of her creation, including you. Due to the fact that Nature is trying to perfect her forms of life, it goes on changing everything and everyone without any stability.
The result is that nothing really gets better but deteriorates to the point of getting weaker, mingled, and lost of its Original Form; in order to make clear to the minds about this Mal-Formation, we would like to point to the fact that the existence of irrational animals is a proof of this deterioration of life here on this plan.
Hence the Rational Animal do not belong in here. There is this biodiversity which is another proof of the degenerative life, and you are part of this reality too.
Fact is that this process of degeneration has been going on since millions of years ago. The Eras reflect this process of life weakening; you have lived in cosmological eras and then, more specifically, the anthropological eras . This whole trajectory involving the anthropological era, which goes from biologic, psychological and cultural, comprising exactly eighteen (18) steps of eternal polishing and dilapidation of life; despite that life has never been cut off completely from its cosmic basis, which has reached its 21 st step of eternal transformation.
Thus, long before humanity existed ,Life had already existed but in another state of energy. The material world didn't exist; the Life of thought and imagination was not in function yet, and this living machine, which produces all this diversity of life was not operating.
Everything and Everyone down there in visible and invisible state were generated by the Water. You had existed long before in the Rational World. You had been made out of this Mass of Cosmic Energy, pure, clean and perfect. The world of the Rational Genesis, responsible for the movement of life in all classes and categories. The God World.
Before that there had been no second world; consequently there was no Rational in the animal form, which humanity turned themselves into, and neither the seminal principle of this life category. Then, this Life Category is the cause to the existence of the Animal Class divided in Rational and Irrational.
The Solar Energy is the luminous energy generator of the animal life. It is an electric-magnetic light, symbolizing the hierarchical transformations from the superior to the inferior. We are at a point right now in which we see ourselves standing right before this bifurcation, having to opt for the way leading up to the highest levels or the lowest levels. We can either go up and become Rationals or go down the lower classes of the irrationals.
If there are real Rational Beings made of pure, clean and perfect Energy, there is the One who made them and the One is God, a Superior Energy to all the other energies. The One is the Supreme Reasoning, the Inhabitant of the Rational World, who denominated himself as The Superior Rational.
Now everyone is aware that God has finally identified himself in order to impart to us the Knowledge of the Origin. Now humanity can attain the development to reach this part of the Universe and connect to its inhabitants. Now we know who we are and from where we come; we know how we came down here and how we we are going back to our true World of Origin; why we came down here and why we have to go back to our World of Origin. “
We have been here living under this animal form so different from our real form.” Up there is the Rational Plain which is a lot bigger than this world we live in; nevertheless we got stranded from this immense Part and transformed into this degenerated mass of cosmic energy that composes the matter.
We unleashed the process of degeneration in this small part, where we are, and which came down transforming itself, and we likewise assumed the features of animal beings.
We had no other choice but to start with our own material progress in this world of ours. We got misplaced in the neck of woods in the Universe. Life became an adventure, for everything is out of the Rational Order.
In the World of the Pure and Clean Beings there is no coercion of freedom, however we paid the price for trespassing the Rational limits which cause this chain of transformations, leading right up to the beginning of this life, of what we are.
The former bodies which we were made of pure, clean and Rational energy transformed into this very life of ours. You may ask: “Why are there these bodies in the celestial part?”
Both the Rational Beings as well as the part of the Plain that disconnected from the Whole up there got stranded and followed through in successive transformations due to the virtues (essences) which started to stale off leaving nothing left, and only some time later these staled virtues started gathering in space and giving birth to the Astral Beings, namely the Sun, the Moon , the Planets, the Stars and the Galaxies.
Below the Sun the Bodies of Energy extinguished, for their virtues gathered in the Sun, and the latter produced the microbes for the formation of the material life.
It melted one part of the Plain, turning it into Water, whilst the other part was turned into Earth. The microbes produced in the Water formed the male and the microbe produced in the Earth produced the female.
So the Sun is the real Architect of Life on this plan. Whether you believe or not in all that, fact is that life is progressing and heading for the inferior classes. Humanity is struggling, as they always have, to survive in a world they don't belong to.
This Knowledge is there to help you through life and bring you back to the place where you had lived before becoming an animal. It is time you searched for the cause of this unadventurous journey of getting lost in a world you never knew anything about.
It is time you settled this endless battle to pursue something you cannot possibly find in this World. It is a lost battle because it is the battle for nothingness, and you always end up at the starting point, where you return to the seminal life and are born again to suffer and restart the Battle.
This power that can free you from these chains is the power contained in the life that you were some day; it is the conscious power of life regardless the fact whether you believe it or not. It is Consciousness and it is positive – the sole opportunity you have to save yourself forever. The Eternal Salvation.
This is the time, folks! “Let's take off!”. The book which brings all this disclosure is the book Universe in Disenchantment by the Superior Rational. I truly hope you search for your SELF-KNOWLEDGE. May you all have Peace, Health and Concord through the Development of the Reasoning.

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