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sábado, 7 de abril de 2012


(Valdir Santos Alexandrino)

Folks! Let’s follow – for our own good – the recommendations of the Rational Culture. Let’s read the Books Universe in Disenchantment in order to accomplish the Development of the Reasoning which will lead up to the complete Rational Immunization.

In the development of the Reasoning one will find the true reason of life. It gives definition from beginning to end with basis and logic regarding the existence of this World; of this Galaxy which is ruled by the Thought and Separation.

The Thought had been made to fulfill the requirements of a specific Phase. The Reasoning was made to fulfill another completely different Phase, the Phase which will take us back to the Source, for we are all of Rational Origin. The class we live in is the class of Rational Animals. The True Solution to Life and this World we are in.

And it can only be found in the Culture which propitiates the development of the Reasoning.

Everything has been clarified from the beginning to the end as to why we are here; how we got here and how we are returning to our World of Origin. The Reasoning is the essential key to the Origin of Life.

Life has been lost during all this time for getting stranded from its true natural. Life was unaware of the cause and origin of its existence. Because of that, Life got rambling aimlessly without destiny for having no basis and logic to attain to.

In order to change this deplorable situation there is no choice but to go to the core of this reality, and know how everything started. It is necessary to touch the clean source of this reality.

There is a Knowledge that clarifies in details the beginning of the Formation of this World and answer the most fundamental questions ever: “How did we come down here? From where we came and to where we are going?” We have lost the memory of our primordial Life, and for this reason only the Source can explain to us how everything happened.

The first World, the Rational World. The World of the clean, pure and perfect beings, who still live in the Rational World with their pure Progress. The Rational World is the world of pureness; the world we live in is the second World, the world of transformations and degeneration. It is a world tortured by though and imagination.

However even this world of transformations had its origin in the world above, the Rational World, which is the Origin of everything and everybody. Before extinguishing the primordial bodies, you were all Beings of Rational energy. However after the extinction you came down all the steps of life until you reach this very one you are in of Rational Animal.
The reason why we exist is the Rational Being, for it is the one who caused your life to originate.

In the beginning of this deformation Nature was very different; it was a mass of cosmic degenerated energy. The Sun was in formation and it wasn’t as hot as it is today, for it hadn’t, up that point, reached its complete state of degeneration.

The Sun was a small spot of dim light. There were no Moon, no stars and neither day nor night. Reality was brightening and luminous. If the Deformation has always existed with this set of deformed beings, so there must have been a cause to that. And the cause was the Freewill.

Nevertheless this go far back to a period preceding the existence of Life the way it is known today. At that time we were inhabitants of the Rational World.

The World of lies in which we live today had never existed. It was a non-existent Reality. As Rational Beings we had never known what suffering and evil were. Therefore to them or to us there was no such things as suffering and evil.

In those conditions, we entered a part which was also pure, clean and perfect, despite the fact that it was not prepared to get into the Rational Progress. We were avid to explore that underdeveloped region, and we started to intrude it and in one of these times we decided to pursue and follow the progress by our own Freewill; we went away from God to be on our own.

We were called attention, and we knew for a fact that things wouldn’t turn out right. However our perceptive senses did not transmit to us the whole picture of what the Results of that undertaking would produce.

We had no awareness of the facts in that Eternity. It was when Evil was born, namely something that left its natural state and becomes stale, inactive under the Rational perspective.

We judged that nothing really changed after we had trespassed and we thought we might continue with our progress over this part.

Consequently this part detached from the one above in the Rational World, and it came down.

As it descended it got more and more deformed , and we who were the Rational Beings started to deform from the primitive form, degenerating and falling to the point of total extinction of our energetic bodies.

We still fancied over the possibility of improving it, but at that point everything had already been transformed and elements such as the water and the earth started to exist. The transformation of the Rational Energy into the magnetic and electric energies.

That happened on the part of the Plain where you were undertaking the new Progress of purity. However that Plain had already started transforming into water and earth.

Our body assumed a different form; it transformed into male and female in this world of transformations. This is just an excerption of the whole history which you will find in the books of Rational Culture.

The human body became incapable to see the other corporeal transformations that took place on this plan. The wind and the electricity, for that matter, are two natural entities which we can feel but not see. They are invisible, and likewise there are other beings that we can feel but not see how they are and how they act in the general context of our reality.

To make a long story short, we left for this defeat of keeping a biological body made by the microbial life and hindered from being able to watch the invisible reality around us.

There is though a solution to this reality, for together with this microbial life is the other body made of deformed energy inside this solar world, our connection to the Rational World.

We should know ourselves and stop living in dream with the eyes wide open. Through the real Knowledge we will be informed about this whole trajectory of how we all ended up there deformed in Rational animals after we had been Rational Beings.

The Body of Rational Energy became the inferior body of matter, and, thus we turned into animals. Today we are praised with the chance to know it all, after being through so many transformations, turning into the products of the seminal principle which is a very small ovule in the form of a water drop, produced in the same Plain after it had become jelly and then water.

This Plain which separated from the other part above. Those who came to know themselves know that there is solution to life, because all the complete resources have been met to resolve the human problems through the process of Rationalization of the People attained in the Development of the Reasoning.

Thus the whole Humanity will go back to the RATIONAL WORLD the world of the HUMAN RACE. And all this information is imparted by the Superior Rational, and you can get it in the books of RATIONAL CULTURE. – THE UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. Congratulations for having taken the decision to do it for yourself and your own SALVATION!

Hope we may have health, peache and concord!

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