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sábado, 7 de abril de 2012


(Valdir Santos Alexandrino)

The Reasoning – the Rational Energy which is materialized within everyone’s head, in the pineal gland – is the vital point of the eternal life.
This is the natural phase of Nature, the Rational Phase, where this organ will develop and dematerialize.
The Reasoning is the Representative of the Divine Origin in the individual, and which remains the same in all of his comings and goings in the material life. It identifies the Divine Origin of the individual, and it is the immutable principle of the human existence from it is very inception; it is intrinsic to the individual’s life from the moment he transformed (at the extinction of the Rational Body) into this temporary life. />Hit her to the body of the individual has been changing through this eternal cycle of life and death.
Now the Reasoning is the central Character of Life, and it requires the complete Rational Literacy, which can only be provided by the Rational Culture.
It is urges the individual to stop being a life in transformations and degeneration, heading for the inferior corporeal classes.
In each long eternity, following one after the other, the body of energy passed through an infinite line of transformations. And, as a matter of fact, this is the reason why there was this lack of memory of a long and forgotten past of its origin, for the individual never knew anything about his Origin of Rational Being.
The acquiring of the Artificial Culture never sufficed to connect the inhabitants of this World with their true source, and for this reason, life has always followed endless transformations. It would be no different with this Generation which is striding to its demise, like it happened to the ancient Civilizations.
Hence the Extinction is the consequence of the progress of the Alphabet of degeneration and pollution. Whoever tries to follow the footsteps of this artificial progress in this primary course of life, will inevitably move to the inferior classes of life – in this case, the life of the irrationals.
However, once the individual acquires the knowledge, he is able to connect to the Rational World and become a Rational Energy Receiver; this is only possible because the Rational Energy Body – the cause of the material life – returns to its World of Origin, after it has fulfilled its mission on Earth.
The Rational Culture will develop the Reasoning in the individual, and he will ultimately evolve to the dematerialization of the Rational Energy Body which is materialized in the form of Pineal Gland.
The material body will eventually die; however, the producing principle of life in this plan will no longer function because the cause of it, the Rational Body will have already gone back to its Source.
That is how the Salvation of the individual is attained through the cause of his life, the Energy Rational Body, returning to its World of Origin – the Rational World. This is the final point for the individual’s life trajectory in the material life.
Life will proceed in its world of origin – in Eternity, as a pure, clean and perfect being. This is the end of this class of Rational Apparatus on Earth, and before it became Rational Apparatus, it had been an electric-magnetic Apparatus.

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