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sábado, 7 de abril de 2012


(Valdir Santos Alexandrino)

This just happens through the study of Rational Culture in the books of Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture, where the person will understand how Nature functions, and ultimately why it has been so unbalanced producing all the effects to which the human beings have been victim of.
To reach this level of complete Rationalization the person needs to develop his Rational Part which is found in himself and connects him to the Natural of the human being. Only then he will be able to meet with the power that generated his Life.

For, before being Rational Animal, the being had been Rational. However, at this stage of life the person had always been kept in dark as to the Knowledge of his True Nature.
He had been an enchanted being in this global deformation which is the Universal Electric Magnetic Field under the Solar Influence, without knowing from where he came and to where he is going.
The Phase, in which the World is now, is completely different from any of the preceding phases. Today the World finds itself under the evolution of the essential life. In this phase, the progress of the essences will take place. It is construed in way that life will be improved by a different energy, and the person acquiring the Rational Culture will move to a superior class of life – the Class of Rational Apparatus.
Although the person is still living inside a rough material body, he will belong to the Rational Phase, so that he will be recuperated by this phase. The Electric-Magnetic energies are the makers the irrational beings through the seminal microbe of the inferior classes.
This is the Natural Law, everything follows its chain of transformation from one life to the next, and nothing ends forever. That is how things operate under the Solar Influences – the Solar Light. The semen carries within itself the magnetic spark resulting of a fusion of two energies – namely, the electric Energy (the male) and the magnetic Energy (the female) which gives form to this apparent life which is the human body; this body is formed by the leftover from other bodies of the same class, and they produce similar beings.
This combustion produces the reaction of a microscope explosion. From this explosion comes out the spark which is not the true life. It is but an apparent life which will come to nothing, turning into nothing. And for this reason it is an illusion of life, composing this apparent World. That is what we are taught in the Rational Culture.
The material life is formed from the development of magnetism, so that it will acquire a short span life. Life is originated in the water, which delegates the formation of the beings through the act of fecundation.
In the class of Rational Animal, life will be construed in the following way: the water drop is, in fact, a bio-magnetic field; the dew that contains life, and motivates the production of reproductive cells (the ovules) for the formation of an electric-magnetic body.
The cause of the microbe is the body of Rational Energy. And the very cause of this body of energy is the Rational World. The Rational Energy delegates the construction tasks to the microbes that will follow the orientation for the making of the material body.
This is only possible because of the Rational Energy. The existence of the “I” and the “Thou” are what the machine is for its engine. The human body is made out of a substance that was issued from the Rational Plain, which detached from its true Natural and went down forming and constituting the world below.
It got detached from the Super-World to transform into this World of degenerated energies. Because of that, the world down here is made of deformed energies. And these energies produce the whole diversity of bodies, porting the lives of Rational and Irrational Beings, of vegetables and minerals.
The description of this Formation could be possible only through the Rational Culture which is above the material culture. The Rational Animal is the only one who still keeps the bonds with the Rational World; however the Rational Phase is there, because man will lose these bonds with the Rational World, for the microbe of Rational nature will degenerate into the irrational.
In this case, the representative of your Rational Identity will move to an inferior class. The virus produced by this entity for the formation of the human body will connect to the magnetic and electric Energy and won’t produce Rational Beings but Irrational Beings.
Bear in mind that these two energies produce the material combination for the production of the Irrational, and they are the cause of the irrational life. The person connected to the Thought and the Imagination transform into the magnetic Field, in the category of Irrational Beings.
The Irrational lost its Rational bonds because it has no Reasoning. That is the imminent problem which requires urgent and positive solutions.

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